What happened to our BG marks?!

I didn’t clear any of my mail on any of my characters, nothing got deleted…but I didn’t have any marks in the mail. Seems to mainly be an issue with the item decay time and that the game was down almost 20 hours.

The downtime was extended because of the amount of stuff in the mail system, the marks expired because the downtime was extended because of the amount of things in the mail system.

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late last night Kaivax popped in and said the issue they were having was with mail getting corrupted, and so the reason everything was delayed so much and for so long is because they had to restore the backup and had no idea how long exactly it would take

I dont think that is the only issue. I ran an AV today but my bag was full. The mail came, but no mark.

Those marks are not valid for TBC.

Just gonna drop this here real quick before I scroll through and report all your offensive posts.

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Way after the questions were asked.

Also okay? Do you want like a cookie or something? Issues been resolved move on.

Sorry, was there a time limit on providing the answer?

Keep digging, friend. Every post brings me closer to having my issue resolved.

Or do you think Blizzard is going to be okay with how you treat and talk to other players? No, wait… you don’t care, because you’re such an edgelord, and you’ll take your vacation as a badge of honor.

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For anyone interested, here is a response I got from a GM on this issue early this morning after servers came back up from the extended maintenance.

"With the Burning Crusade prepatch, all quest items in players’ mailboxes were deleted. This is intended - any quest items involved will need to be reacquired. In some cases, this may mean you’ll need to re-farm those items, or even abandon and reaccept the quest in order to receive the item again. This can take some time, which is unfortunate, but it will be required - these items will not be restorable through the Item Restoration service or by Game Masters.

This also includes Marks of Honor, since these are turned in as a quest item. Marks specifically are not intended to be stored in the mailbox, and would normally expire after only 24 hours. While the maintenance for the pre-patch was extended significantly, this extension wouldn’t have caused any player to lose out on any Marks they had in their mailbox - because the Marks would have already been deleted as part of the pre-patch, regardless of how long the servers were down. Since this is an intended change, the Mail Restoration service will not restore any Marks, and Game Masters will not restore any Marks by hand."


I lost a bunch of marks too but who cares lol? Still a ton of time to farm enough marks for full lvl70 pvp gear, other than that we can’t do eye of the storm yet.

Whatever floats your boat mate?

TIL; Bg marks cause mailbox corruption.

Hmm I wonder if this is why I didnt receive my mark. My situation was wholey after the maintenance. Bg played around 1pm today. Except I probably had accepted the quest for turning in marks months ago.

Ha! I told you guys using the mail to circumvent item caps was an exploit! It seemed pretty obvious, but some insisted it wasn’t. Now we know for sure.


Here is the GM’s response on this:

"Hey there! Game Master Kieulas here!

I have some updated information about Battleground Marks of Honor for you!

With the BC prepatch, all quest items in a player’s mailbox are automatically deleted.

This means a few things for Marks specifically. While Marks of Honor are not labeled as quest items, they are turned in for quests - either individually, or as a set - and so they’ll be deleted if they hit your mailbox. This will include Marks that were in your mailbox from before the prepatch, as well as new Marks sent by the Postmaster, Marks restored through the Item or Mail Restoration systems, and even Marks sent from your bags to your mailbox as part of the Dark Portal Pass boost process.

These are some pretty unfortunate side effects of the prepatch, but are intended. As a result, Game Masters and Customer Service will not be offering restoration or compensation for any quest items - not even for Battleground Marks.

Hopefully, though, this helps explain what happened and why. With all that said, if you’d like any changes to these systems, or compensation for them, you’ll want to reach out to our Dev crew through the Suggestion button in the in-game Help browser. You can also make a post on the Burning Crusade forums specifically, and make your request or provide your feedback there.

With the prepatch so new, and the launch still coming, Dev is watching those forums pretty closely. Those are the best ways to make your voice heard!"

I hope that helps confuse and frustrate everyone further.



Looks like they changed their mind. Click to the blue.

So frustrating I’ve already restored the mails the first time and my time is on cooldown. I opened a ticket and am not hopefully for a positive outcome due to previous experiences with CS. Copy pasta inc

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lmfao at the blue post “its impossible for us to lose mail”


the moment the servers came up i tried the mail restore and only got the text with no marks. my response was also a copy and pasted form letter. i can rember actually having a GM show up and chat with you but not anymore. if people are claiming it worked for them was it up to the descretion of a GM. all i got was dismissed and ignored.

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