PSA: flagging is NOT a downvote button

I don’t care about what others think, I will flag whatever I consider inappropriate.

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Which is not what this thread is about…

Flagging for inappropriate and against CoC is what flagging is for. This thread was about people abusing the system and false flagging. Because it’s been an issue for a long time and we’ve been trying to come up with ideas to possibly fix that.

You didn’t even read the thread and then flagged it. You’re a prime example of why this thread exists.

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Already got flagged, did nothing. As this post is fine. Just you people for some reason think flagging is the same thing is downvoting. Plus flagging because you disagree is a no no

exactly, because once they are banned, they cant comment ;D

its best not to abuse systems though as that eventually leads to a worse world, where no one can complain about anything.

Hell, I had the same post false flagged twice. Not once, twice.

This thread. Yes, the tone was hostile to a degree, but it did not break the Code of Conduct.

They had to unflag the post twice.

It just makes me wonder why they don’t have a system in place that prevents the same post from being flagged again unless it’s edited.

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Okay but now people are doing the same thing but with the report feature.

Did you try to defend yourself? I would’ve.

a hidden post can always be viewed.

you only need to click it…

Oh the irony. Ya got downvoted, ehem, I mean flagged just making this post.

There’s something really funny about this post being flagged lol but yeah you definitely have a point there

Except when the moderator himself/herself disagrees with a wrongly flagged post and proceeds to remove it anyway.

Happens more often then people would like to admit.

You’ll have to forgive Rhielle, she thinks having an English Major lets her get away with acting High and Mighty when all it does is get her into trouble.

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You just admitted to false flagging on the forums. Even if you delete it they’ll always be able to see it. Gl defending yourself when you readily admitted you break the rules to try to get people you disagree with in trouble.

It doesn’t matter if the post is removed. Most people crap post all the time. My wife had 17 posts of hers removed from a thread the other day. No ban. She could’ve gotten one for derailing a thread and didn’t.

This is the second time now. The mods already restored it once. And now someone has been going through and mass flagging lposts in here and elsewhere, as well, simply because they hate this thread.

Twice now, too. Second time it’s been hidden.


Lol, and flagged! Nice.

Given the number of threads that get unnecessarily flagged, an upvote/downvote system might be recommended.

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Sorry OP, if I disagree with you than I will proceed to flag you.

It’s just…I am a snowflake. I can’t handle different opinions, it triggers my sensitive feelings.

You shouldn’t be able to flag the same post more than once with your account. Regardless of which toon did it.


Yeah people are just idiots.