Profanity in 9.2.5

i think its more prevelent with generation x and y and millenials.

oh me! pick me! if you’re spewing vulgarities in public channels, I’m gonna report you, especially if the context is against ToS.

someone tosses out a curse word? no big deal. someone raging about something stupid, political, hate filled, etc, with vulgarities? reported, and I don’t for a second feel bad about it.

I’ll report nasty names too. and. I. don’t. feel. bad. about it. it. gonna name yourself something that clearly violates the ToS? right click report.


Everyone understands what you’re saying. What everyone is talking about is the perceived notion of increased reporting, especially on people who use curse words in regular banter and NOT aimed at people as a series of insults

probably what’s going to happen is that reporting will shoot up in the first weeks after 9.2.5, then things will die down and people will be less likely to report you for saying an odd curse word here and there.

you could, also, just not do it. and that’s coming from someone who curses like a sailor IRL with friends and in private channels.

but in public channels? it’s not appropriate.

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You shouldn’t, but if you did, the consequences will depend on whether or not they enforce what is written in the SC. If they stay the way they are now, you should be able to continue getting away with it like you’ve been up to now.

It won’t matter what channel you curse in. Someone in a guild, a PUG in your regular group, or someone in your community can just as well report you for basically no good reason

I’m kinda excited to see what happens next week when we enter the ‘… and find out’ phase.

I’ve been stockpiling popcorn in anticipation.

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have they updated their ToS? Can you show us the text that states this?

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I don’t know if they will handle it the same going forward, but in the past the channel DID matter. Guild chat was considered “at will” - as in you know what it is like and chose to join that guild. If you don’t like the atmosphere and tone, you can leave the guild. Blizz usually was hands off most Guild stuff unless it got really bad. Same with private groups.

Enforcement was mostly Public Channels and Public groups - as well as people sending whispers with strings of profanity and insults to someone who was not into that. Like going after someone from a PUG with whispers. Two friends bantering in whispers on the other hand would not report each other.

Right now, there is no AI type scanning, it depends on player reports. We shall have to see, but likely Guild chat is still mostly “at will”. As long as people don’t really cross lines.

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While I do have a lovely supply, I honestly honestly hope the only change is that people think twice and sit on their fingers for a minute if they are angry. I would rather people not get into trouble.

Nothing is really changing other than some additional report options like being able to report for boosting spam, or for botting specifically.

This article has the menu changes in it.

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Thank you for such a well thought and informative response. Admittedly, I dont know much if anything about the ToS. I just figure be a good to other players and you’re in the clear, but I’ve also seen the report system be abused and get a friend’s account banned. I just worry about people reporting a player they don’t like for xyz reason out of malice and more of that scenario happening to people who were otherwise minding their own business

A ban is permanent closure of the account. The only thing they have had automated since at least Cata, is Squelch. That is an account mute (pending GM review) that is triggered by a lot of unique account reports within a short time. It was put in for gold spammers/website spam, etc.

If someone had a Silence or Suspension applied then the GM did it based on the logs.

The reports capture the name, server, chat channel, chat logs, game position, game logs, etc. that are associated with the report category. That gives the GMs a nice tidy bundle of info to review and make a decisions on. They also look at the account history - if a person has had silences and suspensions in the past then the duration gets longer each new infraction.

GMs can make mistakes though - so that is why Appeal exists. I have had one forum suspend me for a day when they meant to remove the reporting flag. It got fixed of course.

Uh huh. Yeah, I took Logic and Critical Thinking 101 in college too, and thought I was super cool for a while that I could point out a logical fallacy label and treat it like an auto-win in an argument. There’s a website where you can do it with a pretty graphic and a sum-up, even. For example:



Like…oh, look what we have here!

Not that it’s relevant in this case, even though those “Karens” playing Candy Crush on their iPhones are literally just as much “gamers” as you are and also aren’t playing this game, and also aren’t affecting the policies of this game, but I personally cut my teeth on Pong and Frogger for the Atari 2600. I’ve continued to doggedly enjoy video games my entire life despite, not because of, the festering subculture that managed to infest it where people thought that they should be free to treat other people who were also playing the same games terribly and just generally Lord of the Flies it up under a distinct lack of supervision and rules enforcement that was endemic to the whole hobby for a long time.

I’ve been tired for most of my life of people who assumed that the entire hobby of video games was for them to do with as they pleased, a safe haven for behavior that would never fly in any other hobby with general audiences, just because they thought the audiences weren’t general. They were all along, even if the marketing for video games was aggressively PUNCH! And BIKINIS! And HA HA YOU LOSE! Especially once the Playstation era started.

There’s no reason to let gaming stay in the condition of a frat bathroom, with piddle on the floor, shaved stubble in the sink and grout so moldy in the tub that you pretty much just have to burn the entire building down just because people think that it has always been that way, that you have to put up with being berated, insulted, sworn at, have offensive chat in shared public areas and harassed - the actionable items that you can get action against your account for, no matter how much people want to imagine themselves a persecuted underclass who is being prevented from using their free speech and will get banned for doing nothing at all.

It doesn’t, in fact, need to be that way, and I’m glad that Blizzard is pointing out to people that they’d generally like them to follow the rules that they agreed to uphold when they started playing the game, which is literally all that the Social Contract does.


quoting for awesomeness.


why would you want to ?

also, maybe name calling might be an issue, too…

What are you defending? I said “players who are adequate enough for the content you intend to run”… that means they meet all the criteria for the dungeon/raid/rated pvp you intend to run.

90% of the time you get declined in LFG, it’s not because the group leader doesn’t think you can do the content. It’s because someone else with bigger number applied.

so? if they don’t meet my criteria, they don’t get an invite.

some of you need to just let go of trying to control other player’s groups.

Yeah… that leads to people who are paying to play the game …to not be able to play the game. Which is bad for those players, bad for the community and bad for Blizzard’s sales.

I’ve been in so many elitist groups that fail… They make a mistake and blame it on everyone else. They’ll criticize players for making mistakes, then they’ll wipe the raid, or “accidentally” pull too many mobs or los their team in pvp and completely negate every single time that they do that. I’ve been in more pug groups that DON’T have such high standards that smash through content because they’re just happy to get an invite right away, and that equates to them playing better.

It’s you who needs control to play the game the way that you want to play it. lol

Then make your own groups. All applying in LFG does is tell the group leader that you are requesting to join. They are perfectly within their rights to accept or decline however they see fit.