Profanity in 9.2.5

Where has what I said offended you for you to reach the conclusion that I must create my own groups? Can I not play the game how I want to play it?

I’m pointing out what is hurting the quality of the game for players and for Blizzard. It shouldn’t offend you unless it’s true for you.

Toxicity and control are the product of each other.

The only real differenc3 between the original tos and this social contract is they can now close your account for saying mean words, or being “contraversial”.

Not at all

you are free to play the game the way you want to play it

I am free to play the game I want to play it

we both have the exact same access to create a group

go forth and play

… they could always do this. the ToS hasn’t changed.


Had a group just today that on paper were adequate enough for the content we intended to run, a ToP 16. Everyone was 2300-2700 Mythic + score. Everyone had at least a 272 ilvl… I was top dps on a pally tank for the majority of the pulls and on boss fights. Had a DPS die on 1st boss on pull. They managed the kicks on Gorechop wing decent enough. Didn’t kill Woo and in fact got Vy so no skipping to Gorechop after being told get Woo so we can skip. 2 DPS and the healer died on Gorechop to avoidable damage.

So obviously looking adequate enough for content in the group finder list isn’t enough to do the content. THAT is the risk you take with your key in the Pug Finder. It wasn’t my key and I didn’t get a say in who got took. The dude gambled and got a good tank and 1 good DPS and a bad dps and a weak healer.

It’s in the TOS, or well known within the game, that you MUST complete every challenge in the game on the first try? Or is it in your heart and mind?

Ion himself said that Heroic raiding is tuned to ensure there is a challenge. Mythic + is supposed to be a challenge as well. You ran a +16 dungeon. You spent less time in that dungeon than a mythic raid group spends on a boss… and you got valor if you cleared the dungeon that you can use for upgrades (up to 272 - almost mythic raid ilvl,) and the mythic raid got nothing for their time spent.

The “I NEED to clear this the on the first try” is selfishness. There’s no toxicity outside of selfishness.

I’m good with you thinking I’m selfish if it means I build successful groups.


Multiple blue posts confirmed that forum censors and in-game chat censors do not absolve you of running afowl.

Basically if you spam slurs and other pejoratives at someone and the chat filters replace all that with growlixes, those growlixes represent those words and you’re still in the wrong.

It’s just a way to clean out the chat as represented in-game, but you’re still breaking the rules.


If you cannot express yourself without profanity in chat channels - the equivalent of shouting over a megaphone to a massive crowd of all ages from small children on up - then you are going to have a bad time.

Remember the difference between public and private and act appropriately. It’s way easier than you make it out to be.

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Oh boy this is going to make that certain place on Moon Guard be even more quiet sure most do their thing in private but every so often in general chat things get said now normally I avoid that place but when 9.2.5 drops I may just head there and watch the chats. :popcorn: :rofl:

And I will languish in solitude, bereft my usual conversational haunt. Just par for the course in modernity.

It’s a couple curse words who cares . There is obviously limits but still one frandom F word isn’t going to harm anyone . If that does they shouldn’t be online ever .

Yeah. Unfortunately, your poorly argued, fallacious arguments do little to bear that out. As far as A and Z happening, as I’ve said noone is contesting A and Z keeps happening. And as far as drunk fightey Scotsmen are concerned, they’re still not going to appreciate it very much when someone walks up and punches them in the face while they’re sober and not being particularly combative.

They’re really not. But keep drinking the corporate Kool-Aid I suppose.

Oh. So your thin skin gives you the right to Fun Police everyone else? Got it. Here’s a thought experiment for you, I’m curious how you’d finish this sentence:

“If I don’t enjoy a game I should ______________ .”

(Somehow I doubt very much you answered “find a different game” despite your telling me to do exactly that.)

So basically, men. Okay. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but men started this hobby, I don’t see us going anywhere any day soon.

I’m cringing a little at the thought of how much effort you put into that little Utopia speech. Everyone would get along a lot better if they’d just DO WHAT I WANT THEM TO!

Well, unfortunately, you’re correct. You can reduce people to the status of NPC’s and have no possibility at all of a negative interaction. You can whitewash a platform to the point of it being boring and predictable. And do you want to know what will happen to it? It’ll disappear because noone will want to play it. Why? Because it’s unrelateable. So go right on cheerleading for Blizzard.

The Bible Verse Luke 23:34 keeps coming to mind. And no I won’t quote it.

The glorious thing is that it’s not up to me. Or to you. It’s up to Blizzard to decide what flies in their sandbox. I like that they’re enforcing standards of baseline I-live-in-a-society behavior on people like they always have before, but I’ve never been the decider on what those standards should be.

Blizzard is.

You can say that you don’t like it, I’m sure they’ve noted it. I’m sure they’ve written down somewhere, with a little frown of concern, " Dârtt doesn’t like this :< " I’m sure that there are plenty other games made by other companies where they’d have the same reaction to my opinions, although increasingly they’re not the big companies that would really like to make money from attracting general audiences to their game, please, instead of just cranky embittered Gen X and elder Millennials who feel entitled to “gaming culture” being stuck in the armpit of one of the various Revenge of the Nerds movies forever, grumping about how they used to be able to appreciate Sylvanas’s midriff and then tell people in their BG to die.

Ultimately, though, if you find it so chafing that Blizzard is going to put out a push screen when 9.2.5 rolls out that 95% of the players are going to click “I agree” to without even reading it, that changes no rules and updates no standards, you’ve got two choices:

  • Click “I agree” and risk getting reported and your account having action against it just like before if you still feel compelled to Fight the Man and Do What You Want Because Free Speech, or,

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Think of it as communist russia. Anything that makes the woke mad, you cant say it.

freedom of speech maaaaaaaaaaaaan

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there is a mature language filter built into the game for a reason

im now sure that blizz is actively trying to get rid of its playerbase by introducing rubbish such as this when it isnt even needed, meanwhile im still waiting in excess of 1.5 hr for LFR queues only to be hit with a deserter debuff when i get put into a boss ive already done (stealth introduced by blizz a few weeks ago).
queue for 1 hr only to be put in at last boss on a wing - so i do it and re queue for another hr only to be put back in at the last boss of the wing - i leave and am hit with a desterter debuff , this game is no longer worth the time put in.

They always could. It has been in the rules since 2004. They usually don’t, but they can if needed.

The only people I see “mad” right now are those who want a safe space to be edgey, call people names, etc.

Just keep that stuff to yourself in public chats. Same as it ever was.

Yes, for parents because some folks can’t follow rules. It does NOT mean you can break the game rules you agreed to. Spotlight on: Harassment

Mature Language Filter (aka The Profanity Filter)

  • This can be activated within your Interface Options: Main menu (ESC key by default) Click Interface > Social and check - Mature Language Filter.

  • Once enabled, all inappropriate words in our profanity database will be filtered and masked to appear as jumbled characters, such as ‘*##@&’.

Note: The filter does not excuse the language used. The filter serves as a temporary shield, to help parents of minors and others who do not wish to see it, to block it. Our policies prohibit the use of both clear and masked inappropriate language.

  1. Roll new toon
  2. Enter game
  3. /leave General
  4. /Leave Trade
  5. Game in peace
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in all honesty, what blizzard should do with the introduction of this new contract is force everyone to log on withthe profanity filter ON as default. if you so choose to flip it OFF, a pop up should say something along the lines of “you realize in doing so may result in seeing offensive language… blahblahblah. are you sure?” click yes or no