Profanity in 9.2.5

Well, these are actual reasons given someone concerned about the system.

If you think this person was merely forecasting aggravation at being found to be white, you should really see the descent into madness that is that thread.

And your positing is still just a product of your vivid imagination.

How can you judge the pertinence of information when you didn’t understand why I was even looking for it? And then you guessed wrong when it came to trying to figure out what I was actually looking for?

It was pertinent when I noticed it (I was looking to see if he had been in that other thread and said something specific that I recalled being posted in that thread by someone whose portrait looked similar) and made more pertinent by the confusion of juggling someone trying to dredge up my comments from another thread into this one without context, days after it was made, with the only possible conclusion being I was treated better than the other guy. So, yeah, given the lightness of hand some people have with details, transparency still matters to me.

Your desire to live only in conversations of the “now,” and expecting me to entertain that other poster’s tired, cliched insults while drilling down to his counter-argument of “nuh-uh” - like this topic was born anew today, with just that specific poster, and not a subject starring in weeks of threads with players complaining about it - is what is irrelevant.

Looks like the player above me just used the “F” word (“fear,” not “frustration”). You better get on him about that.

As are mine.
From me.

I am fairly certain I am not a figment of my imagination.
And even if I were I would still be me.

By understanding that none of the information it could proffer mattered or would change anything.

Okay, then dip.


Oh I would mass-transfer all my toons to an “Adult”-rated server in a heartbeat hehe, that’s the one time I would be totally willing to bust out the credit card and spend $200+ in the Blizzard store :joy: Over the long-run it’s “worth it” because the game will be more fun and enjoyable not having to deal with whiny/crybaby types

If they ever did some sort of arrangement like the one I described, I think it would be a good gesture from Blizzard to provide 1 free character transfer to the server type (either “Adult” or “Safe Space”) of the player’s choice - so people can move around their one main, basically just a common courtesy favor from ion

Any additional characters? Yeah, the standard transfer fees would apply

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I don’t think irony means what you think it means. Kek.

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I don’t want to be in that guild anyway. lol

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Kinda funny that studies show the exact opposite.

Logical Fallacy - Affirming the Consequent. The fact that I have had posts banned does not necessitate that my posts were in any way objectionable.

Logical Fallacy - Free Choice Disjunction. Or I can refuse to give them the reason they would need to ban me in game while pointing out how abusively authoritarian it is elsewhere, in hopes that at some point, someone will take notice and put a stop to it.

Logical Fallacy - Moving the Goalposts. Noone is talking about doing any of those things, they ARE talking about people taking what they say out of context to have them banned under that pretext.

I’m sorry too. It makes me physically ill to have the Karens and Kens that were “too cool” to be gamers in High School come into my hobby and tell me I’m not doing it right. This after their own hobbies have became totally irrelevant. Yep. That’s what I want for mine.

Oh and biggest Logical Fallacy of all - That since lawyers can come up with a perfect world on paper (or a EULA), that it will be wonderful to live in. I believe that’s called the Nirvana Fallacy?

Holy mother-forking shirt-balls!

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I do wonder how this contract could affect RP, since my character does curse a lot in RP scenarios.

Feel free to talk that way in Australia and on Australian-based forums.

Say goodbye to RP in a “RP Game”. Kek

Maybe they could make special servers for the less “word sensitive” players.

That isn’t toxic. That is group leaders choice. I do not invite players from certain servers based on past experiences. M+ isn’t matchmaking content where 1st come 1st serve. A successful run takes into consideration more than “ilvl and ranking”. You can’t do a high level ToP without quick CD kicks. So no you can’t just throw a mage, BM hunter and a boomie druid into a group and expect good results in the Gorechop wing.

I hope Forsaken are exempt from being punished from any “profanity” punishments. Our racial language is “gutterspeak”. :grin:

Honestly, because some people either don’t understand or don’t pay attention till you drop a couple F bombs on them. We’ve all seen it in real life and is the root of the saying “you make me want to cuss”.

It used to be labeled gutterspeak. Not sure when it got changed though.

The rules on speech in WoW have not changed since 2004 to speak of. We have not been allowed to use profanity in game or on the forums, ever. Not even masked profanity.

IF reported, you could get a Silence, Suspension, or even an account closure.

Not a lot of people will report you for mild profanity that is not aimed at anyone. People don’t report when in private friends groups usually - you pick who is in there and they likely share your tastes.

What it applies to is Public chat/groups and Blizz has enforced this forever. BUT someone has to report it.

The Social Contract is just an in game reminder of what we already agreed to follow. The enforceable part has been that way since 2004. Yes, I looked it up to be very sure of it.


It’s hilarious that an unchanged ToS has caused 400 posts of boomer whining.

It was a violation of the ToS to use profanity, either explicit or masked, in public channels before, just likt it will be in 9.2.5

get a grip people.


If you’re someone who’s going to report another player for cursing in the game, you’re probably part of the toxic playerbase yall whine and cry about that’s been ostracizing people from this game for years.

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you never could in the first place.


I don’t think it is a specific age group, esp not the older set. Most of the older set had their mouth washed out with soap for using that kind of language and know there is a time and a place for things. Public chat with strangers, dinner with grandma, church, work (professional environment) is when you use your manners. Private chat at home, in a club, etc. is when you can be more relaxed.

Basic social rules are not new things to people who pre-date the internet.

I wonder if it is mostly people who grew up online? Where the internet really does not have a lot of rules and the “cool edgey swearing/talk” that kids do in middle school seems to have gotten prolonged way past that. IRL people had consequences for it, online, not so much.

You can say what you want, but there has always been the risk of consequences. It is no secret that certain langauge is viewed differently. If someone expresses mild frustration about a boss wipe, that is not likely to get reported by people. If someone launches a string of profanity and insults at a person or group that is far more likely to be reported. In either case, we have never been able to do it without risk of consequences in WoW. (or on the forums)