Problems with Echos

I play several alts and all are collecting the Echos of Ny’otha with the exception of my Hunter. She is actually one my most played characters yet unable to get the Echos or even see the vendor. Help doesn’t seem to have and answer and putting a ticket doesn’t seem to work either.

Did you log onto here first and does she already have rank 3 essences?

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In reference to mains (i.e., those characters played the most), in order for them to get the Echoes themselves, one of your alts will need to have a Rank 3 Essence that the main themselves does not currently possess.

Here is a Blizzard response to better explain it:

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Thanks, I think that’s my solution right there.

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It’s a little confusing, since you only earn Echoes if the alt can purchase a Rank 3 that another character has and it qualifies for.

I hope that clears things up some. :slight_smile:

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Good afternoon,
I have an open ticket to try to solve this, but until then no one has returned. The fact is that I have several alts WITHOUT rank 3 essence with access to the Mother store and the MAIN char with all rank 3 and 4 essences does not. In addition, he is unable to unlock the new currency. This is a bug, as several people have reported exactly the same situation.
Do you have a deadline for correction? Will we have any compensation or are we wasting time doing something that will not be corrected ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Blizzard does not give deadlines, people tend to get nasty when the deadlines are not met.

Unlikely, but if they do, it will be after the issues have been resolved.

If I’m reading that right, you are saying that your alternate characters have access to MOTHER and are able to earn Echoes to purchase the Rank 3 Essences that your main character has. Is that correct?

The issue you believe you have is that your main character is unable to earn Echoes themselves nor do they have access to MOTHER?

Unless your alternate characters have Rank 3 Essences that your main does not and that they qualify for, your main won’t earn Echoes. That is working correctly. It is not considered a bug.


So I have 9 alts at 120. Of those 4 have rank 3 essences, 2 with 3 each and 2 with 1 each.
All 4 have the Unbound at rank 3. Of the other 2 with 3 rank 3 each, they are identical.
All my 120s have access to the Chamber, Mother, the Prince and the device that requires corrupted memories to enhance their runs in the Visions.
The 5 without rank 3 essences are able to earn Echos. They all have access to Mother and can purchase essences.
The 4 with rank 3 essences, 1 is not getting any Echos at all. That 1 has 3 rank 3 essences, like another with 3 who is getting Echos.
The 1 not getting any Echos to drop also has no access to Mother purchases, is a mage. And on the first day of Echos this alt ran Emmissary Quests before the other with 3 rank 3 essences was run.
So the real question is, in this mess of trying to understand exactly how it all works, which I think I have finally grasped, why one of my alts isn’t getting any Echos.
It has not a thing to do with can the alt purchase any of the other essences from Mother, or run the Visions.
It is plain and simple. Why are Echos not dropping for this alt when all my other alts have them dropping.

It has everything to do with whether the that alt has essences that can be purchased.

I had one rank 3 essence available for purchase on Ekon’s replacement when the update landed. As soon as I was able to and did purchase that essence, he was no eligible to earn Echoes since he had nothing left to buy them with.


I have a second mage that has no rank 3 essences, but the same 5 all my DPS guys have.
He is getting drops of Echos.
But since my main mage doesn’t have all rank 3 essences then either there aren’t any that can be purchaased, which I find hard to believe, or he does have a bug.
Further more, I was checking some things with my palidins and what I have seen is just not easily explained.
One is running Retribution, the other Protection. Both have all specs because of Legion and the weapons and quests then. So both have a live Holy spec though I have never actually run Holy ever.
Now because of the off spec items that come out of the extra place in Uldum or Blossoms, sorry, I am forgetting the name, but if you don’t have any essences for a spec it now drops 3 at a time. So I have essences for both Prot and Holy on both.
I can buy rank 3 essences from Mother for either, two of each, though none of my alts has a rank 3 Holy or Protection essence!
Is it any wonder why this Essence/Echo/Spec thing is confusing.

To qualify for rank 3 essences you must have an character that your alt (or in this case your mage main) CAN use, AND DOESN’T have.

In regards to your question about the paladins (also abit about the mage still), If your ret pally has only, for example, Condensed Life Force (from Eternal Palace Raid) at Rank 3, than any of your alts will qualify for all 3 (usable) roles of the essences from that source. Meaning your prot paladin will qualify for Condensed Life Force, Azeroth’s Undying Breath and Vitality Conduit even if they don’t use any of the specs in question. But say your mage main would only qualify for Condensed Life Force (as long as they don’t already have it), since its the only essence a DPS only class could actually use.


Also see
Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts


Just a tidbit, relating to a particular problem mentioned above:

After running into the “MOTHER has no vendor option,” I did some experimentation with some of my alts (namely, buying every essence MOTHER made available to me), and as some other players mentioned in Bug Report, the vendor option does indeed disappear if there are no essences for you to purchase at the moment.

So, if you cannot see the vendor option, it may be due to the fact that there’s nothing available for you to purchase. Once something becomes available, the option will reappear.

Caught me off-guard, 'cause there’s really no precedent for a vendor option to disappear when there’s nothing to be bought.


So what I am gathering, mages get a bit screwed. They don’t have an off spec considered different from the other 2 specs, like the paladin does.
Now, aside from that, if one of my alts gets a rank 3 essence that the mage doesn’t have as rank 3 then that should open Mother for him.
But, what good will it do since no Echos are dropping for this mage and only this mage.
I have a feeling that one aspect of this Echo thing wasn’t thought out completely.
And I have to wonder if Warlocks don’t suffer the same. My Lock doesn’t have any rank 3 yet, and he is getting Echos dropping.

Because that is how the system is currently designed. If there is nothing for your mage to buy, there’s no reason for them to earn the currency. A good dose of them operate that way in this game. Once the alt earns a rank 3 that the mage doesn’t have, then the mage will start getting the echoes.

Your warlock is currently eligible.

I’ll double-check on this, but I could’ve sworn they were BoP.

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You’re right. I thought it worked the other way around. I’ll edit out my post :wink:

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You could look on it as being better rather than worse. You only have to farm the one essence instead of three.

If there are no essences available for the mage, no Echos will drop. You can’t farm Echos in anticipation of needing them, only if you can actually use them.