Princess Theradras changes, no longer kiteable


I truly want to have sympathy for the plight of hunters, not being able to rake in vast amounts of gold with relative low risk in a short amount of time. But then I didn’t, and I wonder if my care bone is broken.

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Hunters arent brought to raids for their dps. You bring 2 for tranqs and certain kit strats. Hunters are the worst pure dps class in raids after MC.


I’m sorry, but I’m going to dispute everything that you have said. I’ve already soloed her over 80 times according to DBM (with a few of the other runs being me carrying others).
It takes me an average of 2 minutes and 1 second to down her, which will only get faster as I get better gear. My fellow hunters in my guild also farm her on a consistent basis.

She isn’t broken, impractical, or inconsistent. I just recommend that you practice and figure out how to safely and quickly defeat her. I myself died a few times at the start before I figured out her mechanics. Rather than think it was impossible, I practiced a bit and have it down pat. My main issue now is my full princess run is in under 12 minutes, making me too fast and subject to the 5 instance an hour lockout :expressionless:


Stopped reading at that point. My care bone (as a warrior) is most certainly broke. Must have been due to playing that world’s tiniest violin too aggressively.


That was how I always did it. It doesn’t take 15min, maybe like 6min. Would usually get off Big Red twice.


people rolled hunter/warlock specifically to farm this? no.


I haven’t yet but I will. Was an easy way to generate income for alts so figured I’d do it until DM farming is viable.



Your private server shenanigans won’t work.


Princess, along with mobs being kited in general, are broken. Attacks get qeued up the longer you kite until the npc gets a 5x instant attack when it catches you.

You can reproduce this every single time, and this is why hunters are struggling to trigger the fart with their pets.

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This may just be another case of players being confused by private servers getting things wrong.

Can anyone provide an actual Vanilla showing that what’s happening on Classic isn’t authentic?


Yup! Here are FOUR videos

mages vs princess
lock vs princess
druid vs princess
hunter vs princess

You can easily tell by all of them that princess moves much faster now than in actual vanilla - look how the lock is barely kiting it. Also that princess hits like a wet noodle in vanilla compared to now. Notice no one being flurried x5 when they get caught? Our princess theradras is not right.

Mobs auto attacking multiple times in less than a second

I’d imagine some of these little stunts will be fixed. Otherwise WoW Classic would turn into who can remember how to do the most cheese to advance the quickest.

Blizzard is going to find out real quick they will have to do balance changes and fixes to keep the classic population stable. SoE/Daybreak learned this over a period of a decade with their progression servers. Hell some of their raid bosses have had their damage doubled or tripled and HP pools increased by 2-5x, with additional modern mechanics to make them interesting.

I’m sure we’ll see the same with WoW Classic over time. There’s going to be things changed as things that didn’t make sense in 2004, won’t make sense in 2019.

For those of you going “I want my classic 100% like it was in 2004… everyone else can go back to retail if they don’t like it” Take from a veteran Progression server player, you’re in the minority here. And Blizz is going to want to keep the majority playing and paying.


Actually, this sounds like a great change, if it is even a change at all.

You cannot trust private servers to have properly modeled mob behavior.


I want Blizzard to fix bugs. These instances were not put in the game to be farmed repeatedly for gold so if fixing a pathing bug breaks that, I have no issue with it.


I’m simply raising the question. Was it a bug then or now?

I have no opinion, it’s just a thought to consider.


Looks like in patch 1.3 they made her dust field ability “more intelligent”. I believe you’re supposed to be healing your pet as it tanks her too.


They’ve been fixing the bugs. If it’s something that was not meant to happen and is detrimental, they’ve fixed it. If it’s something that they didn’t expect at the time, but is not detrimental, they have not fixed it (or have changed it back to that way).

What they consider detrimental is the hard thing to gauge.


You’ve got that right!

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Staysafe just sacs his voidwalker for the healing and doesn’t use a minion.


That’s a creative take on it!