Princess Theradras changes, no longer kiteable



In original vanilla WoW, and on popular vanilla wow private servers, Theradras was soloable by warlocks and hunters due to being able to kite her between dust cloud casts.

It seems that this is no longer possible due to the fact that Blizzard seems to have changed her to no longer cast dust cloud when there are no enemies within melee range.

If you try and counteract this by sending your pet in to melee to trigger dust cloud, she will hit it with melee + thrash + fear + dust cloud and kill it immediately

This effectively means that hunters and warlocks can no longer solo princess runs like how they did in real Vanilla, which was a premier gold farming method and one of the reasons many people actually decided to play or alt a hunter/warlock

I truly hope that this is an oversight by Blizzard, and that it will be fixed in the near future, and that this is not an intended change to prevent people from taking advantage of one of the most popular gold farming methods in vanilla WoW.


There are already multiple videos up with folks soloing it… go check them out…


Sure, link me one which is specific to Classic WoW and not a private server or original vanilla



So, we’re going to have to spend 15-20 minutes auto shotting her between ranging boulders now? I realize that, yes, you can solo princess by doing that, but it kind of makes killing princess entirely worthless with how long that takes at that point.


Is this a recent change?

I ran Mara some time last week and a couple of the runs I was last left and kiting her.

After those few runs I felt confident I could kill her solo with some pots.

But I haven’t been in there since.


I’m already doing that farm, get the stopwatch trinket and a couple swiftness pots just in case, use your VW on passive and send it in when the CD for the fart cloud is up. Win.

Super easy as a Warlock, I was even running guildies through it for their pre-bis ring.

Edit: Able to get 5 per hour super easy killing Princess and the Goblin. Nets about 30g/hr depending on drops.


I was watching staysafetv do it on his warlock and getting the speed to boots enchant was what made it possible without relying on cooldowns like that trinket.


I have speed to boots and the trinket/swiftness pots are just to safeguard from bad RNG. I have done many kills without using them but I have also died because she just keeps attacking me without casting the fart cloud.


Does that stack with Cheetah?


It does not.


Oh. Womp.

I’m MM/Surv and those few times I had to kite her increased speed would of helped and was thinking of just getting the enchant.

I was at level though so I’m sure I’d have an easier time at 60 than I did at 51.


I’m not entirely sure of the method that warlocks use in order to solo princess, but the only thing I can find for classic solo videos for hunters is people spending 10-15 minutes auto shotting her to death while ranging boulder cast. Even if it’s possible doing this, it still increases the time it takes to kill princess dramatically, and thus makes it much much less efficient for farming gold.


Well at least you can still do it cries in literally every other class


If you look at the video i posted, you’re supposed to use pet to bait out dust cloud, then call pet back while casting an aimed shot.

I assume you also keep serpent sting up for the ticking damage.

I’ve seen plenty of people on the hunter discord say it’s perfectly doable, but it can take a while. Especially so if you don’t at least have a decent ranged weapon.


For all the trouble it’s worth, you’re way better off just farming Felcloth or something if you need straight cash.

Soloing Princess is only good for if you’re 60 and still don’t have the Blackstone. Also whenever DM is released, just know in advance Hunters won’t be able to farm that like they used to either. Just farm mobs in Felwood or Aszhara that die in like 3 hits to a Hunter at 60, way easier money. The Naga in Aszhara are complete push overs and drop decent silver and you’ll end up with a lot of Golden Pearls from the big-mouth clams they drop, which are pure bank on the AH.


Yes, in this video the hunter casts a total of three aimed shots over the course of the entire fight (not counting the one on pull), because they probably know baiting the cloud any more than that will result in their pet getting slammed into the dirt.

Princess is also immune to serpent sting.

And yes, again, it is doable, but takes dramatically longer than before, which more or less ruins the entire premise of mara gold farming

Do you mean tribute runs?

I heard talk about Blizzard giving King Gordok the ability to summon players, is that actually confirmed?


Player A “This was doable in vanilla but not in classic, fix it.”

Player B “it’s doable in Classic. Lots of people are doing it.”

Player A “wrong. Show me 1 video of it working.”

Player B “shares video.”

Player A “well that’s stupid why’s it take that long?”

Haha gotta enjoy the little things in life.


I had a feeling things like this would happen. It could be a side effect of old data on new tech. It could just be a bug. One thing that I thought about during the time we were waiting on development was, what if things like these farming situations were bugged before, and now they’ll run correctly on the new server tech.

An example is the fart cloud there. What if it was always intended to only cast with melee in range, and it was just not working properly before? We all know how it worked in Vanilla, and that private servers copied (emulated) the behavior. It would be a 15 year bug that’s correct through the way the new tech reads to code. I also had this thought about the DM tribute farm. What if the pathing was a bug before, and behaves correctly this time around? Then tribute would be impossible to farm.

Just a thought. Something I’ve pondered for the past 2 years… the question is, if it’s a self corrected old bug, will Blizzard put the bug back into place for authenticity? Or will they say working as intended?


Okay, instead of “undoable” I suppose I should have put “changed to no longer be practical, and thus no longer worth doing”

I also never said that they were wrong, I simply asked for the video(s) that they were talking about, even if I found it on my own I would have still come to the same conclusion