Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

This month, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain an epic transmogrification appearance that is sure to turns heads wherever you go.

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Exhausting to be honest.



They are prepping the game for F2P.

There will be way more of this.


I mean, it’s free, so I might as well, but…a shirt? lol I can’t even see the ones I have currently.


Lol. Imagine swimming out into the ocean, getting swept along the currents, then when you finally wash up on shore again you think “I sure showed the ocean”.

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Vulpera representation. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

It’s a free shirt, lmao.


i always wanted this so glad i get it for free

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oh YEA I just wish we could get the shirt itself. from what it looks like it’s just the appearance

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It is just the appearance, but great for anyone who loves collecting all the shirts. Now you can have a purple one too. :dracthyr_yay_animated:


A shirt. I guess blizz is starting small with the prime loot.

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***Only the transmogrification appearance of the Epic Purple Shirt is unlocked. Players will not receive an in-game item or otherwise be able to use any on-use effects associated with the Epic Purple Shirt.

Read the fine print

The actual shirt itself is not given to you just the transmog

It still makes the TCG original shirt valuable

I’m glad they are giving away free stuff.
It’s just like every day now. (not literally) …

Not that it matters to me I uninstalled last week. Game is going down hill quick.


Not really, value will fall like 80%+ in the short-term. Long-term it might be fine if they never bring it back again but most people are in shambles right now.

It’s a shirt. :dracthyr_crylaugh:

I love that I can transmog it now! But it would have been cool to at least been able to have the actual item on one character of our choice.

If you think I quit over a shirt. All you kennie boy.

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Is it possible the actual item could be added to one of the old Tabard Vendors that players can claim if they have already unlocked the transmog appearance? Would be great for players who have gotten one before the promotion too.

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10char bs

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Stop asking for handouts Andy

If you really want it camp the Black market auction house

Personally I think the shirt is hideous and wont be transmogging it.

I’m just thinking about others who want to use the on use effect of it.


why are you guys saying this is a “free” shirt? it is not free. we pay amazon. Some of us are only paying amazon for the wow rewards.

This is kinda trash imo.