LMAO blizzard/Amazon are cheapening the "free" rewards

Blizzard announced the next cool item to give away for the month

Fine print at the bottom

***Only the transmogrification appearance of the Epic Purple Shirt is unlocked. Players will not receive an in-game item or otherwise be able to use any on-use effects associated with the Epic Purple Shirt.

You don’t get the actual shirt use on effect

You don’t get the actual shirt just the transmog restrictions given to you

The actual shirt will still be valuable

TCG OG owner’s won this one apparently


Yeah not gonna lie, this is a pretty pathetic reward.

I was pretty excited at first, but for it to just me the transmog? Big whoop. I’d much rather have a TCG pet and INFINITELY rather a TCG mount - even a lame one like the Savage Raptor or the Dragonhawk.

I don’t really see why they don’t just put the TCG mounts on the store at this point. Hell, make a limited time TCG pack for $199 and they’d rake it in xD


No, not really, it was already going for pretty little on the bmah. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Interesting tidbit but we can’t cage any of the free tcg pets so that’s neat.

Interesting attempt at compromise to both ends.


I wonder if anyone actually gets excited over these rewards.

They don’t mean anything other than that someone was AFK on a Twitch stream for several hours.

The in-game shirts are more meaningful rewards, plus they actually give neat buffs and whatnot.

Remember when events were in-game, and limited so everyone would come play the game for neat stuff?

They’re doing that Diablo event which is nice- imo all of Twitch stuff should exist in some kind of in-game cross-promo event.

Not something you can just put on another monitor and mute, which is absolutely what most people do. They aren’t actually paying attention to the streamers lol.

Is that a white item? I know what it’s called and all, but if it’s actually classed as a white item, then wouldn’t you be able to trade it after using it?

Too lazy to get these rewards


They’re probably boe like all the old white gear is now.

Nothing says valuable like a shirt no one’s going to be able to see if you’re pretty armored :dracthyr_a1:


The Prime reward? It’s not an item at all. You just get a message in your game chat that says “Epic Purple Shirt added to your collection.”

When you use the in effect on the shirt it makes you flex emote and shine, like it says in the flavor text

Even if you transmog it to not wear a shirt

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Were complaining about getting free stuff? We just had the Feldrake, some neat toys, the Gryphon and when something you don’t like comes up suddenly eruption. You don’t deserve any of these twitch drops. Be grateful.

Honestly these people complaining about getting free stuff need to check their entitlement at the door.


I’m aware, I’m just pointing another thing out

You’re right majority of these people on the forums shouldn’t even get free prime rewards

I found it hilarious people think they’re gonna get the actual shirt but they won’t and now there’s handout Andy’s ready to complain


“This doesn’t effect me at all! I must complain on the forums!”

This doesn’t effect me at all, so I must complain on the forums that they are complaining on the forums!

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Oh um. Okay? Thanks for letting us know i guess.

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it isn’t free, I’m paying for amazon, and I don’t even use amazon. so I just paid for a really ugly xmog. come on now, you know we were excited to get good stuff, don’t act like that shirt isn’t trash lol!