Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

If leaving a stream on mute is exhausting i’d hate to see how you handle a flight of stairs.

Meh Amazon is easily the highest value sub out of the bajilions out there. I’d have it WoW stuff or not.

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The vulpera’s cute.

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As is often the case. :dracthyr_uwu:

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I havent did a drop since feldrake. Seems they took something unique and cool and went all out with drops every week. Boring.


Cool shirt.

Ah. The ugly sweater.

an appearance i cant use
yay :dracthyr_cry_animated:

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I wills bes sures to turns my heads at whomevers wears this.

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That’s the bonus this month? A shirt? I don’t even see the shirts I have on now.

Purple and Yellow… Purple. And Yellow.

Hide your chest piece or use a skimpy one, and build a transmog around the shirt. Purple and gold are pretty common color schemes in the game.

The vulpera model was a weird choice as it makes the shirt look like it has a collar that dips down to the wearer’s navel.

My desire for such a garment would have been, erm, limited.

Man that rooster mount sure would go well with this shirt, hopefully we get that as a drop soon.

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Why not the actual shirt too? The mounts/toys were given full functionality.

You know theres a hide shirt option right? You can hide everything but weapon/pants.

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thank you blizz for helping me get t shirt i didnt have yet ! now give me tabard of arcane next plz

WTB hide weapons /pants options

No thank you.

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You realize you can free trial it 30 days to grab it right?

I pay for Prime for the services it gives me. Prime Gaming is little more than an afterthought. For me, yes, these rewards are basically free.

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I’m still going to pout.