Priest healer is RIP, can shadow not be worst dps now?

Now that blizz has shown they dont want priests to heal can we get some buffs so instead of being the worst dps in the game we are like the 4th worst or something instead?

Make mind flay cost 0 mana with twisted faith or something


Priest is still the best healer at 60 lol, and alliance side even more so. There is no keeping up with the power of full t2 Priest in anyway that’s not overload shaman with infinite mana. Druids and pallys will never compare, stop seething.

Also shadow at 60 is going to be the most terrfying open world monster.


still the worst dps in the game

So yeah anyway can we get some buffs so we arent the worst dps in the game and instead like mid tier?

I dont think i’m being too greedy here, just not worst dps that would be super cool.

Maybe buff shaman dps too they are right down here in the sewer with us while we are at it poor fellas.

Can you show me where they’ve shown this stance?

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Sure bud.

Hope this helps.

As it should be. Classes that double dip on Spell Power for healing and damage should not be anywhere near the conversation for best DPS.

Best should be specs that are almost pure damage with little else to bring to the table: Warrior, Rogue, Fire Mage.

2nd tier would be those who bring some utility and versatility but are still 90% there for their damage: Hunter, Feral, Ret, Frost, Enhance

And bringing up the rear would be tanks, SPriest, Ele Shaman, Spelladin, Arcane Mage, and OOMkin

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Who even are you LOL

This isnt 2004.

How are priests double dipping, you either bring a priest to heal and they heal or bring a priest to dps and they dps,

Priests, shaman, boomkin arent “Double dipping” why do the deserve to eat trash in the dumpster in season of discovery which is “about making all classes OP”


Spoken like a prophet who has seen all the additional runes and new gear added across three more phases.

You’re the chosen one!


you already made a whiny thread today and got a ton of replies, why make another whiny thread?

wahh wahh wahh

all you do is cry.

Priests: Only horde healer with dispel.
…gets nerfed once…


One stat affects both their damage and their healing. They can stack one stat to increase both. That’s double dipping.

If you don’t understand how it would be overpowered for those classes to do damage on par with even the middle tier classes, I don’t know what to tell you. You simply don’t understand balance.

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Hey, bud. This 20% reduction isn’t even noticeable. Priest healing is still bis and super easy.


He’s too busy crying on these forums all day to git gud.

Priest will remain the best healer through next phase while unlocking shadow form.

Enough of the absurdity


In my decent gear penance heals 90 dmg less. Guess what the lowest healing a good priest does is? If you guessed penance, you were right!

PoM needed an adjustment compared to all other heals, it was far too much healing for the mana cost.

I don’t agree with nerfing everything for a seasonal game like this, I’d like to see other healers getting buffed instead, but these nerfs won’t change much for priests aside from showing who the exceptionally bad players are.

People act like there’s not already a bunch of +spellpower gear on most players.
This nerf really only hurts the fresh/lower priests.

That and I do think priest rune heals are WAY under cost for what they do.
Alternatively, other class rune heals are WAY over cost for what they do.

For example:
Lifebloom: 134 (67 after mana return) / 402 (201) mana. Ticks for 12~/25~ seven times for a total of 84~/175~ with a final pop of 118~ / 353~ for a final total of 202~/528~. Also, stacks of Lifebloom have diminishing return, further discouraging from a three stack.


Penance: 79 mana. Ticks for 140 three times for a total of 420.

One Penance vs one Lifebloom stack is 79 for 420 total healing vs 134/67 for 202 total healing. That’s if Lifebloom fully blooms over 7 seconds vs the Penance 2 second channel.

This is done with a almost bis rdruid vs a fresh 25 priest btw, which is even more baffling.

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I’m holding out faith they’ll do nice things for shadow dps. Mindbender or void tentacles would be cool. Or making mindflay or dots crit, or giving us crit damage bonus.

I have zero doubt they’re going to dominate pvp though; already exploding people at 25 with the void plague and SW:D buffs.

I’m pretty sure every hunter has a priest alt, or vice versa
There can’t be that many people consistently oblivious to how their class feels, can there?
Or maybe it’s just the bad ones we see on the forum

somebody’s gotta be worst :expressionless: might as well be shadow priests
you get to be good at pvp to compensate

check logs Rdruids are bis pre-priest nerf and now with priest nerf Rdrui is even better. time to reroll bois!