Priest healer is RIP, can shadow not be worst dps now?

the crybaby is typing

sure if the difference between best dps and worst dps is +/- 5%

Lets do that then, i dont mind being last then!

i mean :expressionless:

Healed BFD tonight… I guess I missed the memo that we are dead.


Untill they touch the mana cost, priests are still miles ahead in pvp. And only behind maybe wild growth in pve

Plus in PvE both priest and druid are able to heal with no issues. The boss doesn’t die faster from over healing so it’s not like it matters which healer parses better.

priest is in a solid spot rn imo

You can’t compare lifeblood to penance. And say see more bang for the buck.

One is a rune and one isn’t.
Compare it to renew and check efficiency it’s way closer.

So… you’re referring to hybrid tax, which is quite stupid. Ele shams shouldn’t suffer. They already use a TON of mana for healing and damage.

Imagine being 30+ years old, throwing an absolute tantrum on the internet about a video game because your class got a small little nerf lmao

:frowning: :baby: :sob: :baby:


somehow you rose above all the hunter tears to become this patchs biggest crybaby… stunning. absolutely well done sir.


(lifebloom is a rune)


The cry is strong with this one. Bro… if you actually play sod you would know priests are very OP. No need to throw a fit, priests are still gonna be good, if not still the best. Relax.

Do you not understand reality…if they are dps and cast those heals…they are not doing dps during that time…not to mention the mana cost… your argument is stupid and outdated

Both are runes…

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I mean. Sure if youre a bot priest that just does pom and penance all raid.

F that. Homunculi and serendipity.

Flash heals. Dispels. Renews. Bubbles.

Penance on occasion but so what.

Pom was absurdly broken and penance was uninterruptable and broken.

No. No one can be silly enough to think Priest isn’t the overwhelming number 1 healer.

According to logs it was like 80:20 rdrui/priest up until this past lockout.
So i’d say they’re about even with rdrui surpassing priest by a little.
but yeah priest is definitely better in PvP and when you stack them :slight_smile: I am still rerolling druid as the class is more fun and there are less of them compared to priest.

Don’t tell me my business. I meant one is a hot and one isn’t.

Ok let me put it to you this way. You could play priest without runes and you would still be the strongest healer in the game, although you might actually have competition. The 20% nerf to their rune abilities just means they are 80% better than every other healer instead of 100% better than every other healer.

We legit trivialize content to a damn near infantilizing degree and while I don’t mind occasionally being OP about the only comparison I think we have in WoWs history for how broken priest has been in SoD is WoTLK release Death Knight.

This nerf if a slap on the wrist if we are honest.

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Priest still slaps out heals chill