Prepatch Pushed Back

The 6th is not mid oct, the prepatch will probably not be shorter than 3 weeks

ok prophet.

I’m still hoping for the 29th :frowning: But by the sounds of it, it doesn’t look like that is happening either.

Looks like it is going to be the same lengh as TBC Prepatch, 3 weeks long. Otherwise, if not, then it is going to be the shortest prepatch in the entire history of WoW.

I mean, it’s a 2 week event and generally there is at least a week without it. Plus brewfest ends that day which lines up nicely

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TBC prepatch was Dec 5 to Jan 9, that’s more than 3 weeks?

Oh? My bad. I thought it was shorter… Dunno, different sites telling different things. Considering I joined after the full launch of TBC.

yet LAUNCH is middle of halloween event

bfa will never leave

And? Was just saying that it’s a nice line up since we know it’s not Tuesday

Because the expansion isn’t ready yet, and won’t be by October 27th either.

Here is the question though, how do we exactly know it is still not confirmed for this Tuesday? Blizzard hasn’t really said anything about which date the prepatch is going to be released.

They’re doing a server merge on Tuesday, and it’s a short maintenance window, they could throw us a curve ball and patch on Thursday though

Wouldn’t be the first time something major happened on a Thursday

when did they say that short window? I see them saying realms are down till 4pm who says they can’t be merging in the downtiem for the PP?

Yeah, but just remember, it is Saturday today… (Well, here in Australia it is). They may or may not extend that maintenance time as well for the prepatch.

Nothing is really confirmed yet except for the maintenence on realm connections.

EDIT: This is from Blizzard:

The extended maintenance for the realm connections begins at 8 AFTER regular maintenance, they expect regular maintenance to end at 8

IDK, it’s pretty explicit that regular maintenance ends at 8, and it would be suicide to prepatch AND try to connect those realms considering the problems they’ve been causing

minor few hour difference for those realms to get onto pre-patch is their price for low pop realms

They wouldn’t be saying regular maintenance ends at 8 if they were planning prepatch, don’t be daft

It’ll be at least a 6 hour window but more likely 8

Not necessarily. I’ve seen plenty of patch release builds put on the PTR over the weekend.

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