Precognition as baseline 10.1, good or bad?

It’s nice that healers will also get precognition but precognition maybe is too strong especially take into consider that interrupt and stuns are nerffed already.

Put them immune to CC for 5s with 15% haste might be too much.

I am a healer main with 2.5 k exp in RSS as Rdruid and 2.2k exp in 3s as Rshaman this season. One of the biggest reason, I don’t play shaman in RSS is because if both of us land a kick on same target, it pop a precognition. It already feels bad if we overlap, but precognition make it even worse. Even in 3s with comm, there will still be a lot of overlaps.

It feels bad to hold kicks but I have to, because the punishment for precognition is high!


I don’t think it will matter nearly as much as crit damage and CC being nerfed at the same time. That’s what is weird.

They should do one or the other and see how it feels and go from there.

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Tbh strap me in for the wild ride Blizz obviously want to try and help PvP, les get it.


I will definitely agree, changes >>>> no changes


I said this elsewhere, but Precog losing its tradeoff (honor talent slot) means that it should probably be nerfed slightly to compensate for its availability.

In my mind, the best way to do this is to put a ~15s internal cooldown on the effect in order to make capitalizing on the immunity windows more important.


Ya precog is going to need some serious changes since it’s about to be baseline. Pretty absurd.


As long as I can get it too idc! I wanna cancel my eye beam early for the precog immunity the have a full meta window immuned to CC.

Going to make casters too strong

LOL, it’s so funny.

Can’t wait for warriors to intervene on CD fishing for precog procs

Or DHs juking eye beams

Really really bad

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I think the cc immunity is to strong it should really just be interupt immunity.

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I think just aura mastery is probably the best change

Haste and cc immun is crazy

I definitely think removing the Haste is fine.

The CC immunity (and aura mastery) could maybe be reduced to ~3s as well, but part of the design intention with Precognition is to avoid the classic scenario of

juke > stun > juke > knock > juke > DR stun

Not to say that is the right design direction, but I think with a shorter duration on the effect it would be okay.

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Yeah but if I don’t drop an honor talent for it the cc immune feels too strong

Low key might take bonds of fel for another spellschool

Also I feel like deva aff is gonna be disgusting in 10.1

baseline shouldn’t exist but if the game needs to cater to complete morons to stop bleeding participation then it should cap at 3 seconds


It is fine, if any they can reduce the duration of the immunity.

Too many times you completely outplay someone by fakecasting them just for a stun to follow, then random azz 2y death grip or a random knock up follows.

Its time the braindead zug meta dies.

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This change is good if you talk to a caster bad is you talk to a melee.

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Precog will either need to be nerfed, or they need to add an embellishment for melee kicks to provide some sort of stat buff when you interrupt like sephuz from SL

“ Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy, interrupting an enemy, or dispelling any target will increase all your secondary stats by 80 for 15 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds”

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