Potentially promising wording

a charitable reading of this blue post foretelling the patch could indicate that they do intend to tame the meta oppressors once the data is more conclusive. it would be a mistake to entirely expect that to apply to pvp data, given their history, but it does still leave the door open for some things to get brought down to earth once everybody can make tier

it’s getting hard to remain hopeful though. for me, the credibility blizzard earned with the last few months of customer-friendly changes is wearing thinner every day that instant demonbolt can still hit 40k without the warlock having to look away from the netflix monitor


Its just something related to the buff to ‘‘under performing specs’’ they’ve just announced, and this is just to say they’ll follow up with nerf to top spec (everyone looking at demo lock) to not mess with the world first race.

Nothing of this is pvp related at all.



honestly i hope they just nerf mad bombs to like 20%~40% in pvp

or remove it altogether
idk why one of our hardest hitting globals that doesnt even cost a resource was made into the central focus of surv’s tier set


the issue is there is so much variance its impossible to figure out what to nerf. some people are running around with with a 4 set and 2 291 lego, you have some running around with 2 set a 291 and a 265, or a 2 set and a 262 and 265 lego, some have 1 lego and no set, and i could keep going. thats the problem with current era wow design in the age of borrowed power. they balance poorly before releasing the new borrowed power addition and are slow to make changes on it and by the end of the patch cycle i would say they have it “balanced” but thats a little bold but its playable. then with the flip of a switch they inject even more borrowed power that compound exponentially with some specs but fall flat with others.

No excuse they did it to themselves again,but what do you nerf ? tier ? lego ? the problem is they have been nerfing the classes. so when we lose all of this borrowed power not only are you losing all this borrowed power but you are weaker than you were before the borrowed power. thats why a lot of specs feel awful to play because they have been victimized by nerfs to compensate the strength of their borrowed power and they are left holding the bag when the new .0 patch hits


If u turn hpriest down just a little bit and remove resolve this ssn would own

They can even keep BM for the people who need cr but can’t play the game


I’m eternally washed but fighting double wizard playing resolve feels like trying to throw down with a brick wall


Sorry sir we need to cater to the forum poster tier caster players

No more kicks or cc


Do you still agree with your past self?


how is that even relevant ? the borrowed power systems at the time werent that game breaking. cant take a comment about the state of the game and apply it 2 years later lol

Quick bro just edit that to say you’ve grown as a person or something instead of admitting to getting OWNED

Internet forum 101 if you had a bad opinion you have to keep track of it and double down ev time ur wrong


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condemn forgetter voice

condemn wasnt game breaking. it was good could be considered op. game breaking is cooldown stacking divine tolls

Tbf that was the post where I learned that we even had a save function. Poor guy had no idea his hot take has been in the upper left corner of my page for two damn years just staring at me.


oh you were serious about apply what i said 2 years ago to current wow like nothing has changed. got it i can move on with my day

I was today years old when I learned about the save function.

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I mean my whole point is do you still agree with that predictive statement. Because you said “isn’t going to be”.

I don’t actually care i just remembered why your name seems familiar, because I was taught about the save function with your post.

Its literally a coincidence.

obviously i dont because t he borrowed power is infinitely more egregious

you big dummy. i laugh at you


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