Potentially promising wording

You think he is talking about arena? i think he is talking about pve they dont care about pvp

Can we not? Can we not give them credit for basic things? Like… posting on a forum, before they’ve even done anything. These are the same people that have buffed rdruid and probably will a g a i n

i’m more trying to be hopeful than pat blizzard themselves on the head. in answer, basically, to the doomsaying; the most obviously broken things like echoing resolve and decimating demonbolt have been on the ground ruining the game for so long that it’s tempting to just lose faith

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No. There is no trying and there is no hopeful. It is one way or the other, they do it or they don’t. No words, promises, context, apologies, pleading means absolutely anything from these snakes. There is only what they do

alright yoda
this is really more of a discussion forum than a press meeting with blizzard directly, so. good luck with an approach that intense

I am not using an approach, you are approaching with “hope”, I am actually just waiting for them to do real, meaningful and permanent changes

Takes one brain dead class to know one

Unholy dk?

Please refrain from interacting with the BM Hunter who hides behind a cla*sic alt.

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You need to replace the N in your name with am A, it suites better.

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Actually YOU need to replace the A in your name with am X-