These soulbinds are absolutely terrible

I still don’t know the difference between soulbind and conduit.

the soul binds are the little talent trees with generic < and i mean really generic> passives and a limited amount of slots to put conduits

This is a good thing.

the conduits are looking super strong. my whole point is the soul binds are so lackluster and have such little value they might as well not even be there

I dunno … im probably the only one but… I think shadowlands is gonna be BFA 2.0.

Legendaries/Covenants/Soulbinds basically same thing as Essences/Corruption/Traits.

feels sad man.

the borrowed power isnt going to be nearly as game breaking.

Didn’t they say that the essences/corruption systems were created to help amend the shortcomings of the azerite system? So they basically created systems to fix systems.

People gave them negative feedback on azerite traits in bfa beta and they still doubled down on it. People are telling them the same on covenants but they are still doubling down on it. I’m curious what systems they will have to introduce in later patches to overshadow covenants shortcomings.

Need a remind system so I can come back here and quote you in a year.


it could not possibly get more game breaking than corruptions alone. 96-108% from all sources, a dot that does 20% of a geared persons hp over a very short duration with 50%+ uptime, ineff doing super wonky things to CDs. ive read the legendaries, ive seen a lot of the conduits and they are strong but they arent corruption strong not by a long shot

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Oh. Crap. yeah i didn’t realize that was a thing lol. Thank you!

you aren’t the only one

SL is following the same design philosophies as bfa

summed up perfectly “why should the better player be better all the time, shouldn’t customization make the worse player better sometimes?”

Conduit is like relics for artifact weapons, but will be unique. There is one for monks that will give BoK a 5% change to give a charge of roll

Borrowed power is kinda needed to make the game playable for some specs. Think about BfA without azerite/essences/corruptions, how will things die?

Do conduits go inside the soulbinds?

Yes sir

I think that was where I was getting hung up at. I didn’t know where the conduits went. Pikaboo’s rogue vid just had him clicking the talent tree and it didn’t make sense.

So far the current form of them isn’t making it to live according to ion

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: you mean feelsBFAman!

You tune abilities and specs accordingly, and bring buttons back or for the love of god get us a new talent tier.

It’s been 4 years since we got new talents, and even longer since we had new active fun abilities.