Potential "Allied Race" candidates

Fat goblins, with customization options for chin amount selection and size of love handles. Not a joke, i really wana play as gallywix. Also let undead be the undead pig people from BFA i thought does look dope. Mana starved NB and elves would be cool.

Moreover, we see Gorfax Angerfang representing the Dragonmaw as of Legion. And I don’t think it a stretch to see the Mag’har being moved into the Twilight Highlands in BfA to be an implicit continuation of good relations between the Horde and the Dragonmaw.

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it would be nice to get at least 1 more alliance, 1 more horde, and 1 more neutral

Tuscarr need a mention. I don’t /want/ Tuscarr but I know some people (Taliessen) do.

They have high res models incoming and lots of new animations.

I feel like gnolls are a certainty but that’s my gut feeling.

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Yeah I predict Tuscarr and Gnolls will be the vulpera situation all over again. “Those wouldn’t be playable, it’s too weird for the lore.”

But there’s lots of in-game evidence pointing at it.

I’m just going to hawk my two threads here:


My concern for Vrykul in particular is the height. Dungeons sizes are sometimes close to unplayable for tauren. You can almost get stuck in doors. Vrykul would be taller.

We have these.

Also these.

Sort of these too through ironforge dwarf customization.

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In their current incarnations, they are unacceptable.

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Gilbin (water goblins, prob butchered the name).




Withered blood elves

Red orcs



That’s easy enough to work around. During the recruitment scenario have them shrunk by some gnome/goblin weapon to the size of a tauren.

Ashtongue maybe

Any more than the totem so far? I havent dug deep into the tuskarr and gnoll sitiuation yet, I am just betting on tuskarr being playable.

Taunka since WotLK.

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Allied Races made sense for BFA because the two factions were at war.

Now, we now kind of allies. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for outside to pick a side in a conflict that doesn’t exist.

They should just make new “skins” for existing races.

You mean like Orcs?

Demon Hunters but the book versions.

can we add murlocs as a neutral race

Not even remotely similar… and while they did just get a massive model update, complete with a wide range of facial expressions… unless they cut their new mesh to match the specifications of the player model texture map, they will be unable to wear armor (like Dracthyr dragonic form)… converting them to an AR would require another model change to support armor textures otherwise…

Anyone seen if the Tuskarr have that now though?

They really feel kinda like the Vulpera at the beginning of BfA.

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