Possible 8 Servers only for Classic?

Can anyone confirm this? I have been wondering for a while what the new server tech would allow population wise.

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No, there shouldn’t.

Classic isn’t going to be packed with players like everyone thinks it will. 8 servers might be a LITTLE low, but 30+? No way. 12 at best to start and see where it goes from there.

The demand for pvp went up because of BFA. :slight_smile:

OP, what is your basis for saying China has as many players as NA? Or maybe the devs think there’s far less demand for Classic in China.

Well there are no Pandas lol…

Probably be some gold farmers though. Maybe that is what they thinking.

There are about 100 more servers for BfA in China than there is in NA. Of course, there’s a possibility that Classic won’t be as popular in China as other regions.

I originally thought they’d release 24-30 realms in NA and a few more than that in EU. I’m expecting under 20 at launch now.

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Or it could be the nostalgia for vanilla WoW is greater in the west than Asia?
Blizzard could be expecting that the Asian community mindset tend to favor newer stuff than older stuff and hence the market for Classic would be smaller (especially non-free stuff)?

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This begs the question of at what point do they open the additional servers waiting in the wings?

  • On name reservation day when it is apparent servers will be crushed?
  • On release day, pretty much making the prior name reservations largely moot?
  • AFTER release day… and how long after release day?

They will have to have an industrial strength crystal ball in order to determine a) the % of tourists that will leave in short order and b) How many players would be willing to leave the servers they reserved names for to go to new ones that open.

While I am optimistic that there will be a RPPVP server, if they only have 7 others (if it mirrors China’s) then what overflow is going to land on the RPPVP one.

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They already confirmed one RP-PvP server for NA and one (English) for EU at launch.

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I dont understand how you classic fanatics are so illogical.

Tipsout has 54k subs… Most of his videos dont break 50k views.

Esfand doesnt even have 50k subs, yet hes on the biggest esport wow related team in exsistence.

Small example but its obvious, the “miilions” of passionate classic people you think are waiting for classic clearly arent there.

The real numbers blizz is expecting to play classic long term vs your imaginations is great

I don’t know man. I’ve seen people here claiming 10 million subs day 1. If I close my eyes and disregard logical thought I am inclined to believe them

Blizzard is not the first to put out a Classic/Vanilla edition. Daybreak formerly SOE has been doing Everquest classic progression servers for a few years now. They have set gates for releasing content ie raid progression coupled with player base voting on when to release the next content. The developers keep track of the raiding guilds progress and wait until a minimum amount of clears are completed prior to putting up a vote.


Let me see if I have this straight…
You are actually basing classic popularity on the popularity of streamers.



I literally cannot stand tipsout and Esfand is almost as bad. so elitist/cringy i cant stand it.

I know i am not alone and i would put money on being in a supermajority. I bet you that tipsout and esfands followers combined are maybe 5% of the total number of people interested in coming back to classic.

Seriously, you have to be new here. everyone here hates streamers/youtubers

Was gonna say exactly that. I’m sure they will have each time zone servers but they will be physically located in LA and Chicago.

You sound just like a typical private server illusionist.

There are plenty of content creators that are less cringy if people were interested they would have views and subs.

Ofc you can live in that little bubble where in 2019 streamers and youtube arent relevant and the millions upon millions of closet classic wow fans will appear bahahaha

Well I am interested in Classic and I’d rather set myself on fire than watch a Streamer. Of course there is no objective way to know how many others that actually played Vanilla… watch or don’t watch Streamers.

On the other hand I don’t personally have any guess as to how the population will be. Other than when it “opens” I would expect it to be pretty high and then drop off a decent amount in 30 days or so. That to me will actually be the indicator of how it would do long term (amount of drop or if it grows).

I see people mention EQ in regards to classic type servers. I never play those because they are progression servers. In regards to WoW the first few expansions I was ok with but I would never stay on a server that was simply going to eventually be back to BFA as an example. I did play on the Classic Cluster for DAoC from it’s launch until it was merged and I had no interest in ToA.

Anyway I wold rather have them start with a smaller number of servers and then meet demand. It seems to make more sense than a bunch of servers and possible lack of population.

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You really think theres going to be more RP than PVE? lol

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a PvE server in Texas?! Blasphemy!