Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Perhaps you shouldn’t have so many toons then if it’s take up all your game time. Play one or two characters you really like and do the dailies. Or, just do the minimal amount on each? Multiboxing is cheating, period. If you want to do dailies, do them one at a time on each toon like the rest of us. WQ killed alt-ing in my opinion, so I get why people would use multiboxing to complete them, but then you have to make a hard choice - do them the manual way or cut down on your alts.

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get rid of all 3rd party software then. O can’t do that your buddies won’t be able to do Raids without 3rd party addons like DBM.

Well said.

I hope the middle ground emerges where these policies help to drastically cut down on abusive/cheating players while at the same time allowing some form of gameplay to emerge for multiboxers who have basically never gotten in anyone’s way. Can’t blame people for being upset if all of their experiences have been 100 to 0 deaths from 20 aimed shots or 0 taggable mobs in a sea of starfalls.


Addons are different to 3rd party broadcast software across multiple accounts.

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don’t care all 3rd party software needs to be banned.

LOL this kind of ruleslawyering and cope from the multiboxers is expected but also still somehow hilarious. Blizzard has no problem with the SOFTWARE that’s used to create 1 action across n characters for 1 keystroke, they have a problem with the fact that 1 keystroke causes n actions in wow instead of just 1.



Go riiight ahead mates.


Well, Software is banned. Ugh, Never used paid software and just this is hurting all casual-hardcore boxers equally. There is no way around legally I will have to be sure to run all my characters separately for love rocket season. It’s gross, the thought of more than the usual 6-7 hours farm cause of druids invading nodes in nazjatar or people ruining bgs. Not everyone ruined others fun. I do understand the more extreme end streaming 8box druids that shouldn’t be encouraged to become the norm for gathering etc. I used to have to shard hop my best friend to avoid the 8-10 boxing druids in Nazjatar. I didn’t think it wrong casual boxing 1 stroke broadcast to level with RAF/alts, but guess those days of fun are gone. Only positive here is since I haven’t used HKN in quite some time it won’t be as much withdrawl. (Saving for brutosaur took me away from leveling/boxing ironically for months.) Guessing a lot of Hardware guides are about to crop up. I can see the issues were more botting, boxing ID, Botanica, etc, people stealing nodes, pvp fixing/griefing I imagine than anything else. I had seen people boxing Korrak’s last year, was impossible to not notice the boxing alt names. Perhaps restrictions on pvp or griefing as not to hurt the boxers just minding their own business. Well, Won’t be installing any software on my new Shadowlands rig I built a couple months ago. I will miss the syncronized starter zone dhs and invasion boxing, etc all the fun over the years. Truth be told new leveling is so fast, don’t think boxing is necessary to level more. Am sad that everyone using software can’t now cause of those abusing the privilege.

Multiboxing is based on mirroring keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients. Every Multiboxing software broadcasts commands to multiple WoW game clients, making all “minions” to duplicate the “master” in everything. That’s what Multiboxing is, not just runing 2+ accounts.
How can you say “Multiboxing is Not Bannable”

Well, because it’s the truth.

Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our Terms of Use.


They are allowing, manual boxing as in the non-software or hardware types. Sad to have to revert to my first RAF style boxing but that’s what is permitted currently.

You’ve uninstalled all your addons have you?

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Apparently not since it’s still allowed :slight_smile:

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Correct, but there is a pseudo “supply” of Tokens provided when you buy the token and sell it on the AH. That’s how the gold value is determined. Plus a little fudgery to keep gold prices reasonable.

I think so, someone will have to correct me if I’m mistaken because I don’t use the addon but doesn’t RaiderIO provide the same information you can get from the armory

and convert it into some kind of score?

blinks never thought id live to see the day that blizz finally did something about multiboxers


I’d say its more down to a small number people WRECKING leveling choke points for hours and hours on end because they wanted to be lazy bludgers and farm gold to pay for the accounts. Meanwhile legitimate players get hosed because reasons?

It only became a problem when these boxers decided to step it up to maximum and BECOME a problem. Wont be sad to see it end.

This is just like “2nd amendment arguments” Theres a subset of individuals who are given equal power and they abuse it calling for demands to wreck it for everyone. The multiboxers who dont nuke leveling zones making progression impossible are totally fine to me, its just that they fall under the same umbrella as the ones who are wrecking gameplay in focused ways purely for personal gain

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Be aware. Both Windows and iOS is 3rd Party software that broadcasts keystrokes to multiple WoW clients if they are run on the same OS instance. It seems like unless you run your clients on different physical or virtual machines you could be violating the ToS. I do not see how this clarification makes realistically possible to play multiple accounts at the same time in any realistic manner. With the larger number of character slots in WoW and the cross server grouping having multiple accounts is now unnecessary.

Give me a break. Where is the complexity in having a program do everything for you, you literally just play one character with 5-30x the power of anyone else.


Nope, that’s not how it works.

I WISH it was :rofl: God do I wish I could just play like I’m playing one character and all my other characters would mimic me, sadly that’s not the case.

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So, the hook is “input broadcasting”. But you can use standard input stream to deliver unique events per client… The level of sophistication would need to be fairly high to capture a seemingly unique subset of input events on the raw input stream which deliver to separate boxes… as long as it isn’t broadcasting the same event to multiple clients. Basically, you’ll just have it happening at the hardware level (“keyboard macros”) OR you’ll have the input data be randomized and delivered uniquely to just make detection more difficult…

I’m all for trying to reduce the number of bots out there and think it’s great to cut down on one-button-six-starfalls (and what it does to picking herbs), but I don’t think people are so unintelligent compared to the developers that they won’t leverage these to work within (keyboard macro) or work around (randomized/unique io) their new constraints.

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