Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

If this was the case they would not have felt the need to clarify that multiboxing is not against the terms of service. Multiboxing is not just running multiple instances of the game.

Blizzard clearly defines multiboxing as multiple instances of the game though. They also clearly laid out that key duplication is the problem.

You can risk it if you want, but don’t be surprised when you lose your account.

Hardware multiboxers won’t lose their account because they are not violating the terms of service as no software is involved.

100% right there.

Did Rhukmar and now doing panda bosses on my hunters right now. No one’s said anything. I’m quite surprised someone has not nerd raged in ignorance yet. Give it time though.

You can’t just make up a rule, this is not what was clearly said. It clearly specified software broadcasting. It’s not a loophole or a leap in logic to assume hardware is still allowed. The rule is clear and in plain english, not legal talk or innuendos.

Why do people keep thinking they can interpret a rule as clearly and cleanly worded as this? Nothing is left to the imagination.

Imagine getting a forum vacay for your very first post.


Selective wording and blatantly false information.

Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our Terms of Use. Please note, however, that use of input broadcasting software may result in account penalties.

Input broadcasting software is the target, not key duplication.
Multiboxing is running multiple clients, but you failed to recognize that it also says “playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once”


I did not see that new blue post, thank you for adding it to the topic.

Your achievements from 2016 say that’s not exactly true.

I ignore 99% of the whispers I get when playing. They’re in another window for a reason.

When I’m zoned out farming you would probably think I’m a bot. The same route, the same actions, no reply to randoms. Watch your flags, enough bad ones, and you’ll get actioned.

There’s a lot of people on aftermarket mice/keyboards that are about to get pegged if that’s the case.

Don’t forget mice and headsets. If one needs to be wired all need to be wired.

They’re spamming that everywhere around the forums.

They don’t care about facts.

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Darn tootin, I personally hate wifi. My computer is wired, mouse, headphones, keyboard, I’d plug myself in if I could :rofl:

Well you could… but that might get a wee bit expensive. TPN ain’t cheap.

You are allowed to log into two characters and alt-tab between the windows and play each character individually. This is OK, this not in dispute.

What needs clarification is if hardware broadcasting or mirroring is allowed. But, it makes no sense to allow hardware mirroring of keystrokes but ban software solutions… it is the playstyle that is harmful.

One keystroke is one action on one character.

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I have to write something because I can’t just reply to a quote with a quote lol

That’s what happens, one action on one character on each client :slight_smile:


Perhaps if the multiboxers just eat Corn Flakes for breakfast we’ll be cured of our evil tendencies.

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if MBing is P2Win then so is GDPK.

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Also literally any carry service which Blizzard has explicitly allowed so long as it is for gold only (since you know, tokens).
I mean really, those are worse as P2W. I don’t know a single multiboxer who cleared a current Mythic raid, but I know there are plenty of people who buy full clear loot funnel runs…

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There is a lot of misconception around how multiboxing works on here which is sad as it’s making a lot of people mad for wrong reasons. Also though, I might be ignorant on what is really making people mad so there is that.

If it’s the grief someone is causing by “instacasting spells” from a large group of toons at once, yes, this will help stop that. If that was the real problem than it’s awesome that this will help as frankly that would be annoying as heck if it was happening.

If it’s grief caused by mass gathering of nodes, mass killing of mobs, or just a lot of toons milling around on top of each other, this has almost zero impact. You can still use software that will open up windows between your various wow clients. Basically creating a window on one client to the screen of another client (to click through to toolbar). Mass gatherers have no interest in the game visuals so they will just fire up x number of clients align x number of viewers to the clients within their screen, set up macros on each client and then continue farming like mad. All of this set up can be scripted and recreated easily so the actual effort involved in setting up and also resetting up if banned is quite minimal. I really don’t see any issues with staying within the terms of service as currently stated and doing this. Every client will still be driven by one click in one client and no broadcasting. Efficiency will be impacted but given I would imagine a huge chunk of these are being done by gold farmers it will be no real consequence to them as the labor is cheap.

I do feel Blizz’s pain here as they are trying to solve a problem which like many things will have huge impact on a small number of people that weren’t the problem in the first place and the ones they are trying to impact will find the work arounds. Though I am one of those few impacted negatively who wasn’t the problem, I do commend them for at least trying as from the posts on here it really was obviously negatively impacting a lot of players game satisfaction so something had to be done. Tough spot to be in.

I might be wrong but will be curious to see.

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