Please respond to server split and overwhelming negative reactions

Your non-level 60 community that enjoys PvP is waiting for a response

To recap:

Most of us came back to WoW Classic purely to partake in non-level 60 PvP as we did way back in the day. The Twinking Community as it is in retail and now in Classic is a relatively large group of your subscriber base.

There is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback on your forums about your decision to split servers. A lot of these posts have over 400+ replies and continue to get traction from your player base that feel this change was rushed, ill-thought-out, and has ruined a part of Classic WoW that many cherish.

Post 1…-you-kill-off-sub-60-battlegrounds/466332/105

Post 2…s-and-realm-adjustments-–-march-10/465827/233

Personally, I enjoy queuing during the day when I work from home. This is no longer possible due to the server split and lack of players on both sides to even fill out a team in my non-level 60 bracket. When and if I get a pop, roughly after 45 minutes, both teams only have 5 players. Most end up AFKing out. Even during peak hours, queues can take between 20-40 minutes.

For those that jump at my throat with comments about my choice to twink, not being good enough for 60, and whatever else I miss… you are entitled to your opinion, but please make a valid argument.

Level 19 or level 60, we both pay to play the game how we choose.

@Blizzard - We hope your silence means you are addressing the issue and taking our feedback seriously.


I’m hopeful that this is the reason why they aren’t responding to the issue.

If it festers for more than a week, we’re in trouble.


That is why I am trying to keep traction here.


What exactly are you expecting they will do for your tiny community?


Who cares about non-60 bgs


Get inline OP. They have to deal with us that want premade vs premade first.


Ha ha. oh lordy


Be consistent with how they rolled it out in Europe (not splitting into separate battlegroups by time zone).

They figured it out in Europe so why take a different approach over here?


and there was the same thing for when they didn’t do them each server only… complain complain complain… you now have me complaining about you people’s incessant whining about every aspect of this game…



To be clear, they implemented something unnecessarily (see how Europe did it the right way) which severely negatively impacted a niche community. When they make a blunder like this, of course we will complain.


i couldn’t care less about lowbie pvp and im super happy about not having to group with west coasters now


Oh I get the reasoning… but its non stop… about everything they do on here… I was just complaining about the complaining is all… at some point either quit or sthu… but I should take my own advice and stop reading the forums because that is all it is… complaining… including myself now!!!



And there was also an overwhelming amount of negative feedback to cross realm BGs which this move is a step towards smaller bg communities. Guess it is your turn to cry.


Is that because the time zones in Europe are not as far apart as they are here? Just because it worked in Europe doesn’t mean it will work here.


Again, to be clear, this reason given for the change was because they thought there would be confusion on when the BG Holiday would start, but apparently, Europeans aren’t as dumb as us so they took a different approach to them.

The split into battlegroups had nothing to do with cross-realm complaining, but rather, Blizzard trying to solve a non-existent issue that was already solved in Europe appropriately.


I think there are three time zones supported in Europe so the time disparity would be the same.

Besides, if someone thinks midnight to midnight for Eastern would make Pacific unfair (3 AM to 3 AM), it really shouldn’t matter since you’re competing against same realm players for rank. Completely unnecessary honestly.

Actually you still do.

Vast majority is in two time zone which are 1 hour difference. It is not the same as in US.
Basically, most of EU players are in ONE time zone with Eastern Europe and UK in other two.



I get that, but it isn’t exactly reasonable to expect to find maximum playability during a time frame that most people are at work.

Nor do I think Blizzard should undo the split. I think they should take it to server only.

However, on our end as players there are some things we can do to help combat the downsides. Form more organized communities. Reach out on your server to recruit people to the bracket. Form guilds, attract people to your server from other servers. If you put in the effort, it can grow.

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