Please do not make World Quests daily

Blizzard. This is the honeymoon. Of course right now people are clamoring for non stop content in the usual “go go go” frenzy.

But Dragonflight’s World Quests being only reset bi-weekly is one of the MAJOR quality of life features of this launch for people who were happy not to deal with the FOMO and anxiety of a daily grind rush for the next 1-2 months.

Please reconsider, and let the World Quest tour be a bi-weakly chore for the launch period. It was ok to be able to put the game aside for a night knowing you were not falling behind on grinds. If people really prefer dailies, it could wait for 10.1. Let the demographic who prefer a more laid back rythm enjoy the cadence you originally sold us.


and what about the people whose main content loop was dailies? what about them? daily quests have been a major piece of content since burning crusade. it’s a main form of content for a lot of us. removing daily world quests removed the main reason for a lot of people to log in every day. its why we logged in after work, to relax kick back and mindlessly clear a map of world quests

what if next expansion blizz decides you can only do a few m+ dungeons every 3 days? what if they decide you can only craft a few pieces of gear every 3 days? what if they decide you can only kill a few raid bosses every 3 days? do you see the problem here?


I’m starting to think this is their remedy for all the outcry over players abusing the repeatable weeklies and massively getting ahead on renown. Now everyone can farm WQs and get further on renown!

Even tho the ones who were ahead will just stay ahead…

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My main content loop is dailies. I was happy to rare and achievement hunt and maybe run dungeons sometimes. Or, *gasp*, play some Skyrim.


you can still do those things


Anxiety and FOMO? You know, the concept of daily content is one of the worst whale hooks of games as a service.


giving in to the casuals already??? that was fast.

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This, so very much this.

I loved MoP, I logged on and played for hours and hours, enjoying the daily quest hubs.

I quit, for the very first time, in WoD’s .0 patch because there was nothing to do beyond these stupid apexis crystal repeatable quests.

Legion brought World Quests, but that system (which has been used since) is far inferior to the Daily Quest Hubs.

And now, they want to turn WQs into Weeklies?

I mean, wtf are those of us supposed to do who don’t do dungeons and raids? Grind rares and only get like 15 rep per item they drop or somecrap?


Why would this psychological disorder suddenly arise from some extra rep that you can acquire or can just skip?


If thats all you want out of the game, then you are basically done with the expansion already.

Just uninstall until 11.0.

You did the campaign, now you are done. Nothing wrong with that… but the game shouldnt be built around the 1% of players whose game ends there.


Please explain how people are done with the expansion.


Theyve completed the campaign.
They dont raid.
They dont pvp.
They dont do mythic plus.

Their game is over. Nothing wrong with that. Uninstall and enjoy something else.


I liked WQs being bi-weekly, but Renown doesn’t really make any sense without dailies. Reps are essentially infinitely farmable, but at extremely slow rates–if you were planning to rank up Renown primarily through WQ content, you’d be doing them essentially forever while people who can play 8 hours a day for the trickle Renown from events would have long since blown by you.

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No they haven’t. There’s more to the campaign unlocked by renown.

Raid isn’t even out yet and there’s plenty of other stuff to do.

There’s plenty of other stuff to do.

Not even out yet and there’s plenty of stuff to do.

No. It isn’t. Keep lying to yourself. :+1:


Renown, mostly. BuT ThErE’s No PoWeR PrOgReSsIoN does not apply, because it does give gold making power in the form of recipes.

Besides, FOMO is not a psychological disorder. It’s a perverse retention tactic employed by live services, for exemple to drive daily active users.


Nothing applies. Because there’s nothing limited time that would trigger this psychological disorder. Nothing is going anywhere.

It absolutely is considered a psychological problem. It has yet to be considered a diagnosable and treatable condition, but it is a psychological issue.


It’s a disorder companies have learned to exploit. They are not mutually exclusive.


World quests being daily does not mean you have to do them everyday, it means they are available everyday, that is it. No one is going to stare at you like Kilgrave staring at Jessica Jones in that meme until you do your dailies.

There is a certain level where individuals need to take a little responsibility for their self control, rather than limiting them for everyone because they don’t want to do it, just shrug your shoulders and go “oh well I don’t want to do WQs today”

And if someone else decides to trash talk you because you aren’t doing WQs everyday, tough for them, they aren’t your boss.

More availability only helps players, it does not hinder people, because being available does not mean you are forced to do them.


Idk why you are being so defensive.

The player said their end game is doing dailies. We are there. We are doing dailies.

Thats not a bad thing, just reality.

When all those things unlock and open up, that person wont be doing them anyways… they literally said they wont… so why are you telling us when they open. we all know bro.

They wont do them. So whats your point?

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Dailies being their main content loop in no way means that they don’t do non-daily content.