Please do not make World Quests daily

I prefer this approach, but honestly if people wanna login everyday and do dailies then let them I guess. What’s really helping me this expansion is going into it knowing I can just do things at my own pace and not bother about what other ppl are doing


It also should not be built around that small percentage that feel they need to grind like maniacs every day to get a tiny raid advantage. If you do not want to do it, simply don’t. Daily quests are part of my own personal end game and how I progress most of the time outside of the rare occasions that I do a few Mythic + runs or a normal raid run. Even I don’t do dailies every day if I don’t want to.

Also, you don’t get to tell someone they are done with the game just because you have issues with your self control. Don’t want to do dailies everyday? Then don’t do it.


Providing you with information isn’t being defensive.

Not right now we aren’t. We’re doing some other stuff while waiting for bi-weeklies to open back up. Tomorrow we’ll be doing dailies.

Who cares? Now they have all the other stuff to do AND dailies.

Good to know you have zero reading comprehension and want to just try to gaslight after you were told you were wrong about there being no content for them to do. :+1:

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Way to go back in the wrong direction so quick. I know eventually WQ won’t mean jack either way once everyone has their renown up but for now knowing you can do the WQ more often to get your renown up quicker to get all the things that come along with it will basically make a lot of people feel compelled to do it.

This is not what you promised… Stuff like this is why I left after the first raid in SL. I already have a full time job, I don’t want to come home and have another. I want to play when I want how I want without feeling like I am being left behind because I don’t want to participate in a certain activity.


I would be happy for them to be daily. Currently am sad that there is no world in world of warcraft. I look at the world and there is nothing for me to do in it.

At this point in time the name of the game should be Dungeons of Warcraft, or maybe just Dungeons of Craft because the war was taken out too.


Just because you don’t do anything other than those things doesn’t mean that other people don’t do them, or that they’re not worth doing.

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My main content is world content.

I don’t need world quest.

they said they would cater to casuals more in dragonflight because they are the silent majority

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How do we know that it’s extra rep? how do we know that they won’t fiddle with the spawn rates to compensate?

Who designs the game? Ya’ll or the players? If we the players are designing the game we should be getting paid for it.

Back to World of Chorecraft so soon? Not even a week and we’re getting a philosophical shift in the entire tone of the expansion that was just conveyed to us by Ion himself in multiple interviews.

It’s not really a design philosophy if can be shifted so easily. Making people feel compelled to log in everyday was what you said we were moving away from? Does the leadership over there have any accountability? Bait and switch much? How can we trust ya’ll when you say one thing and do another? :angry:


shocker, there are people who like doing other content than what you like!


i assume this portion is your source.

Incase people ask for the source. Which someone will undoubtedly do.

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this and the asmongold interview


Like they’re gonna backstep and listen to us casuals.

No, they’re going balls-deep on their elitist player Karens that apparently have too much damn time to play.

in a way yes,

No. Their words on who does what in wow are “everyone does everything”

no ion said “the kind of silent majority” in the asmongold interview


Sad thing is the bi weekly was a major selling point they pivoted on
World quests in Dragonflight follow Legion’s and BfA’s philosophy, instead of Shadowlands. This means quests will be easier to complete and won’t have as many stages as some quests in Shadowlands had. On top of that, world quests won’t play such a big role in your overall experience, so they will stay available for two to three days.


they still wont play such a big role. theyll just reset daily like they always have. yall loved legion and there was myriad amazing world quests

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they locked that thread for a reason. people unsubbing because they have no content will trump you not wanting to play.


They are literally pivoting on a major selling point for DF
My dude… stop trying to justify this