Please Delete

Recruitment closed.

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Oh boy! More wizards!

Topping off.

Spellslingers report in!

always looking.

Reset Day HYPE!!!

Up up and away.

Also selling BoD too.

Selling M BoD?! That sounds like a deal to me!

Still looking - rdps come one, come all.

Selling M BoD AND Recruiting RDPS?! What a time to be alive

Bump bump bump to the top.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

new week new me!

reset day…another chance for a jaina mount.

You already have the mount!!! It’s MY week!

I believe in the jaina mount. There’s no way I’ll be disappointed

Okay I was wrong. Still recruiting wizards though.

Last man picked in kickball - Joe.

Need more ranged