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Night bump!

Still looking for excellent RDPS and an unholy DK :+1:

ranged dps/udk’s notice me

Still looking: RDPS and an unholy DK

Still looking!

Still searching!

Still looking for all you sexy UDKs and RDPS out there!

The search continues…

Bump! Still looking for above average RDPS and a Unholy DK! Please be competent!

Now looking for a holy paladin as well as a fire mage. All other RDPS are welcome to apply. No longer in need of an Unholy DK. Hit us up!

Reset day! Where all the RDPS at? come get your loots cause we about to slay some pixel dragons~!

Searching for RDPS! Let’s get this bread gamers.

Slots are pretty much filled, but we will still happily trial any exceptional RDPS. Reach out if interested!

Bump! Slots seem to be filled, but still looking for any skilled RDPS for Mythic Progression! Message Entermyvoid if interested!

Reviving this thread as we are now looking for a holy paladin. Please contact if interested.

voiddaddy needs a new holy pally

Bump! Actively recruiting an affliction warlock. Please message me on Discord if interested.


Currently Looking for Hpal and RDPS

monring bump!