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Bump to the bump! LF RDPS and Hpal Progging on innerva.

BUMP need rdps and hpal

!!!Bump!!!(Untouchable) 5/10 M, Pushing Innerva this week! Started extremely late and looking for raiders for 9.1 to push CE! Really need consistent, competent RDPS and Flex Healer/GoodDPS

Please message me @steven623623#1025 if interested on Discord. Thanks so much!
We hope to see you soon!

bump looking for RDPS and Hpal

Good Morning Bump. Looking for RDPS and Hpal

Bump! Recruiting specs mentioned in the post. Updated to reflect our 6/10 prog. Yippee

pogbump come kill pixels with us

right back to the top!

Bump! Please check the high priority recruitment specs. We need em!

to the top we gooooo.
resto sham, UDK desired!

Still have slots to fill!

To the top!

back to the top!

Back up the mountain we go