Playing Alliance and nowhere to go

Playing alliance is a f**king miserable experience. Every server is slanted at least 60%+ horde except Benediction, and that server is locked. I can’t transfer to a pve server to level, because them I’m stuck there.

Playing on Sulfarus and now the horde are all high level because they could actually find groups to quest with. Now I just get ganked non-stop and just have to wait until the horde pass me to even try questing. Then more come along, rinse and repeat.

I wish blizzard would give even the slightest fck about faction balance. Fck you blizzard, you didn’t even think to offer faction changes to make this sh*t playable. The only option is to x-fer to a pve realm you won’t be able to x-fer from later or x-fer to another equally unbalanced realm. Imbeciles.


They added PvE to PvP transfers a month or two ago.


every topic I’ve read said this wasn’t possible. You have a link to a blue?

this looks like it’s just for BC

Why would it just be for TBC?

I found another blizz article. It’s labeled restricted under classic but not wotlk classic. very confusing.

Eranikus is only off by 2k between both factions.

Add to those numbers and help even it out?


This. This. This.


Funny how by convincing teens to kill npcs for 40 hours per expansion, they suddenly turn into mindless drones who think a compelling usage of their time is sitting around in groups overpopulating enemy players and defeating them.

brb, forcing people to play the faction with 90% identical fem chars, garden gnomes, and draenei npc voice actors hollering at you all the time

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“Why do I want to play on a PvP server?”

The question people should ask themselves, but never do. World PvP has always been a gank fest, and even if faction balance was 100% equal. It would still be that way.

You fell for the “I’ll be missing out, if I don’t roll PvP” mental trick.

Only advantage of PvP servers, is that bots can be ganked. Which keeps gathering valuable.


Remolus which is an Oceanic Server is 80% Alliance. And it is a PVE Server. I think all 3 Oceanic Servers are Alliance heavy actually.

People who don’t like world PvP should play PvE servers and be happy.


I do play on PVE Servers, and I am happy. Not that I have anything against WPVP, I just prefer PVE :smiley:

I’m playing in Sulfaras with zero problems, you find group for quest in minutes, but if you still want to leave, try Bloodsail? They are like 80% Alli

Honestly, Sulfuras and Eranikus are the two best servers right now, change my mind. Take the transfer to Eranikus. I have ally toons there (that got left behind after sulfuras locked) and it’s great.

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Why do you think benediction has 1 billion players on it? Because they ran from PVE servers to dog pile on it

Oh man I’m having a blast on sulfuras! Usually just solo questing atm lvl 78. I engage in world pvp instantly, if it’s red it’s dead. I never camp though.

If I start getting camped though, I just call for help in guild, whole guild will show up and we literally take over the zone. Make some pvp friends to take it to the horde.

If I ever see a horde ganking an alliance player I always join in to help. It seems though I jump into help the ally player and the ally player takes that time to flee and leaves me to deal with their problem lolol

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Lol been seeing this too. grobb is mainly peaceful though (at this time)