Planning Free Character Transfers for Season of Mastery Realms

We’re currently investigating offering a number of Free Character Transfers on Season of Mastery realms, as soon as later this week.

In this region, the arrangement could look like this:

From realm To realm Type
Lionheart Shadowstrike Normal
Obsidian Edge Shadowstrike Normal
Barman Shanker Jom Gabbar PvP
Mutanus Jom Gabbar PvP
Nightfall Jom Gabbar PvP
Swamp of Sorrows Jom Gabbar PvP

We’ve followed community discussions on this subject very closely, and appreciate your feedback!


Instead of pumping Jom up even further just send everyone to Barman Shanker.


Yea lets fill up jom even more. Help the low pop servers. Jom is way too packed. and the rest are too low. Theres no in between servers…


Cap c’mere /hug


Maybe transfer AWAY from Jom to Barman? Prevent having an absurdly packed server where you can’t exist in the world? The community here is pretty rad. Hate to see it CRASH AND BURN.


Unless it was forced, I doubt very many would take it.

It’s still a funnel. If everyone only gets the option to go there, everyone that goes somewhere ends up in the same place.


I guess the plan is to have 5 layers on Jom and wait times instead of having two big PvP servers. Makes total sense… /s


Tons of people will quit between bwl and AQ, we’ve seen it and we know it. Why would they intentionally set themselves up with same exact problem again in a few months when you can send everyone to JOM and fix it for good.


i rather you just merged the servers, since those who dont move since they dont read the forums or news sites will just one day see no one is on and just stop playing. But whatever, the more the better.


Mutanus Horde has to go somewhere, so no forcing us.


so no fistbump?

Finally! Thank you @kaivax…SoM only needs 2 servers or less. Ty ty ty


As a 15 year player of WoW, there has never been a wiser comment that I’ve seen on a WoW thread, ever. Ever.


Ty!!! Looking forward to transferring of Mutanus :slight_smile:

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It seems like the intent is to funnel everyone to Jom or Shadowstrike. I understand that, since there’s not enough population in SoM for multiple servers.

What about people (like me!) who have a Horde toon on Jom, an an Ally on Nightfall?

Will you allow free transfers off of Jom to Shadowstrike??

I stayed off Jom for a reason. I am not a fan of Mega Servers.

Forcing players to the most populated realm that is already doing well utilizing the population it has without the transfers? That’s just downright idiotic.

If this becomes the ONLY available transfers, I’m done. No transfers to Barman which is quite literally the only playable PvP server in the US for Horde players?

At least give us paid transfers to anywhere we want. I am willing to throw a few hundred to grab some friends over to Barman.

Barman will see it’s final days as soon as a one way free transfer opens to pull the population off of this amazing server.

Barman is where I stand my ground. If Barman’s population dies to the point that I can’t raid anymore, I won’t play anymore. This is where my sub lives and dies!


Should allow free transfers to pick barman or jom. And also bring in the paid transfers so people can actually go where they want.

Horde come over to Barman and join me :slight_smile:


This litreally will kill the horde and i got no one to queue and fight against also will increase battleground timing cause everyone will xfer to jom gabber and quit after.We need more options. like the rest of my servermate i am keen on horde joining barman instead.Alliance outnumber horde overall of all servers. Openinng up free faction transfer to horde side also work to increase the balance.


Please allow people to come to Barman, some people don’t want to play on toxic mega servers…