Pet battle/collection broken

I tried to open an in-game ticket but the interface in WoW really doesn’t want you to open a ticket. I ended up having to put it under “account” and “my issue is not listed”. Says it’s a 3 and a half day wait time so…I guess I get the hint. Don’t submit tickets for bugs.

Felt like I was trying to open a trouble ticket with comcast. bleh.

The Customer Support forum is up to at least four threads about this now. They all now have links back to this one.


Just jumping on the wagon…

I too have been affected by this “bug”…glad to have found this thread so I know I’m not alone and losing my mind.

I did transfer two characters recently so that seems to fit the potential cause, and I had the portal on my account that allowed up to 2k pets (currently sitting at 1389) but can’t learn any new ones. Had to restart the pet battle chain just to be able to do anything (that was before I found this thread–definitely not rebuying the portal…I need my charms for better things).

I hope we hear something productive soon. I have sent a ticket in and first they said rest your UI, blah blah blah…I have since replied with the article ID number that specifically states to contact customer support for assistance–we shall see how that goes.

Good Luck collectors!


My update - I got a reply to my ticket and they did re-send the Pocket Pet Portal. I had to reply to ask for the Interdimensional Pet Portal (2000 limit) as well, but presumably they’ll send that too. No word about the lost title or anything else.

Also, for those that are getting the automated reply talking about UI resets and such, it sounds like maybe this is actually better for us as we ultimately get a faster response, BUT you MUST respond to that initial copy & paste reply so the ticket goes to a real person, see this blue post:

On another side note, since nothing had been fixed on my account and I figured it wouldn’t get any worse, I did another server transfer last night (I have a few lined up while the sale is active, and didn’t want to keep waiting in limbo for something that doesn’t seem any closer to being fixed). Interestingly, this time I did not lose pet battle training, though I hadn’t re-done any of the other lost stuff, so I can’t say whether things are any more stable. And I think I’ll wait on using the restored pet portals until my transfers are done, spent too much time dealing with this already to keep waiting on tickets every time.

I’ll make one last appeal to whoever may be monitoring these bug reports and may have the ear of the devs, please do right by us and restore what we lost. I’m not going to be toxic, and in the end if we only lost some inconsequential quest completions and have to re-do the pet dungeons and other one-time quests to get back where we were, so be it. But if we ended up losing something that cannot be recovered by players in-game, please take whatever steps are necessary to take care of it. Whether on sale or not, we all paid extra money for these character services, and some of us have spent a lot of time trying to provide info and get a resolution with little or no re-assurance that anything will end up being done. Please just don’t leave us hanging!


I’m having the same problem. Today I submitted my second ticket regarding this problem.
Mine happened after I transfered reals with one chatecter. Might me a coincidence.
Lots of buggs happened, but this is, so far, the most annoying.

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everyone that is having this issue pls check Pet battle issues compiled! and confirm what issues you are having the more info the easyier to get a fix pushed

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Yes it was happening to me yesterday alot, quite annoying.

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I am having the same issue with the slots all being locked and telling me to go talk to the battle pet trainer, and do the leveling to unlock the other two yet I had done that when they introduced pet battles.

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Anyone with this problem also lose all their Minis on their Azeroth Mini Collection: Mechagon toy?

I don’t think I had this issue until after I did an account service for character/faction transfer. Did anyone else here transfer or faction change a character? I have also boosted a character.

Seems to be all my account-wide unlocks got reset.

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Good find. Yes, my entire collection of minis is gone. When I use the Azeroth Mini Collection: Mechagon toy and interact with it the dialog window says “you must add Azeroth Minis to your collection…”. They are all gone.

I believe I was close to having them all. Can’t believe they have wiped out all of this progress and still won’t acknowledge it.

They also seem to be continuing to accept payment for services they already know are deleting people’s progress. Pretty slimy.

Oof, yep, no minis here either.

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I didn’t have all the Azeroth mini collection: Mechagon minis, but now I have none, along with all the other account wide stuff missing, detailed above.

I checked with brand new characters, and while my wife starts out with 95 quests done on the statistics tab, I start with 10. I probably had more than her before all this, but certainly not fewer, so that’s 85 things at least I’ve lost credit on.

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Thislespark. Don’t use ALL CAPS in your postings. It is considered SHOUTING at people and is very hard to read.

Found another one - Kua’fon can not fly unless you go talk to Pa’ku again.

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Ugh, I hadn’t thought to check the minis. I think I only needed two more, too. Man, this “bug” is beyond an inconvenience at this point.

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I suspect that the warfront and island expedition quests are only reset on the transferred character? My main was not transferred, had done those quests, and they still seem to be complete. They are still available for my characters who had never done them. So those aren’t counting towards the 90+ account wide quests that I’ve had reset.

The pet battle quests are account wide, and those are reset account wide.

Are the pet dungeon quests account wide? I never did those.

Yeah, good find on the minis, they’re gone for me too. And a perfect example of the kind of buried thing we’re much less likely to notice. Definitely not doing that again, King Mechagon took months across at least 12 toons to get…

I submitted a separate bug report, we should probably all do the same, even though we continue to get no feedback or re-assurance that we’ll be taken care of.

So anyone know any of the staff over at wowhead? A little news article blurb on the front page suggesting people hold off on buying character services might be what it takes to get the devs to follow through and take care of this lost stuff. Again, not trying to be toxic, but so far all they’ve acknowledged is the bug, and a bug fix alone does nothing for those of us with lost content. Tickets have only gotten us pet portals in the mail, and there has been nothing else suggesting they’re going to take care of those of us that lost stuff after the fact…


Any updates on this as pet battles still log you out/crash? Did a new install and still same issues.


Dmnwatcher - Did you recently buy a character service and start having problems after that? If not, I think that might be a separate issue. This thread is related to lost content following the purchase of a character service, e.g. server transfer, faction transfer, etc. You may want to start a separate thread just so your issue doesn’t get buried in the middle here.

I’m amazed that, a week into this, they not only haven’t suspended the transfers, but still have them marked down.