Perma ban them all

They are just using the Auction house to their advantage that’s all and it is perfectly legal. You can do it too just get creative and put your mind to it like they have. Not going to tell you how. I’m not one of the ones who has profited allot from the auction house because getting 900 gold is not important to me until i’m 60.

Don’t think perma banning them is the answer but a 2 - 4 week ban plus rollback should be the answer.

There was a ban wave in BFA for all the people using unapproved mods including nude mods or model changers. I heard it got reverted but it was still a wave of bans.

Suspensions aren’t bans. We can call them bans but they aren’t real bans.

Its funny how many call a “One month ban” and similar crap… a ban…

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This is the only game ‘community’ I’ve seen that has a general consensus that a suspension is really a ban. lol

Yeah, Perma Ban em! Then perma ban the developers for allowing it to happen … and broccoli … perma ban broccoli … nobody will miss that crap!


BAN all those paying customers who used in-game features that Blizzard coded despite being warned repeatedly that those features would have negative outcomes!

Maybe if we’d been allowed to test beyond level-40 these bugs would have been fixed but MEH FORGET ABOUT THAT, just BAN the players!

This exploit did not inject any gold into the economy.

puts plenty of gold into the economy gear venders for gold

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Mehhh on Perma-Ban.

What Blizzard should do is give the exploiters 30-45 day suspensions, delete all items on their all of their Classic characters except starter gear, roll their characters back to level 20, reset all of their skills back to level 1 (so they have to repurchase all of them), set their talent points into items that no one in their right mind would get right off the bat (like putting priests points into Discipline but no Wand Spec), do NOT reset any of the quests they have done already, Hunters and Warlocks lose all pets (will have to reset the Lock pet quests though), and can not receive mail, trades, or use the AH until level 60.


Just consider the amount of gold being generated from this and everything else. Do you realize how insignificant it is? At most this affected the prices of very specific mats but even then it is quite limited given the massive player base. You would require ridiculously large inflows of gold to affect such a large economy with thousands of players.

Please don’t share where you did this.

People keep giving away the good grind spots.

Pretty soon I won’t even be able to grind turtles.

“Huh, never once seen that happen before in the history of the game. Must be fine.”


Lol on what distant planet in what cave under what rock do you live? They literally did a huge ban wave a few months ago.

You mean ban the people that chose to cheat after agreeing to the ToS? Maybe you should learn to read what you agree to so you don’t embarrass yourself like this next time…

You would be right if you weren’t so wrong… they are literally famous for doing it…

A suspension wave isn’t a ban wave. Two totally different things.

Whatever you’re smoking, you are wrong.
LOL. No. In fact, the opposite is true.

They had said nothing at the time I made my post. Look at the time stamps.