Perma ban them all

Blizzard never bans the minority exploiters everyone knows that.

We wish they did but its not realistic.

ur crazy…

What am I missing? What happened?

Everyone who has been doing this exploit knowingly should have ALL their characters deleted, ban them until phase 2 as well when layering will be taken out, they obviously cant be trusted to not exploit.

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No true. There have been at least two sets of bans in BfA that I can recall, the most famous being where players exploited a world boss bug that allowed them to repeatedly attack it and gain benefit.

People found a way to reset dungeons bosses so they can farm them without clearing trash. Unlimited power and all that.

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Instant perma bans! Yeah i’m suuuureeee they had no idea they we’re exploiting, It’s total BS, everyone knows you can still be in a raid and zone into lbrs to get the fire res buff in the same raid…just 10 at a time…you don’t need to reform it, certainly not with a new player leading it who wasn’t in the run. They knew exactly what they we’re doing. Any experienced player knows if you don’t want to eff up your ID then don’t re-invite the group with a new player not saved to the ID mid run…like seriously…how are they not all banned with gold and items removed already. This is worse than the dog ate my homework…

lol so many bitter ppl screaming for bans because some ppl got stuff and they didn’t haha

ya it’s an exploit and yea, if they are banned for it, nobody should be surprised, but the rage over this is hilarious

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All the tears taste so yummy.

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Its Sunday night, Blizzard employee’s don’t come into for another few hours.

Check Reddit there are videos

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Shills? No.

Person who calls out lies and nonsense conspiracy theories? Sure.

Uhh, I used to subscribe to ElementalQT back in WoD. Unsubbed once he started playing Diablo 3 all the time.

First, be 60.

If you’re a Mage, you can AoE farm mobs. Elementals drop lots of grays, especially earth elementals (various types of stones and rocks drop, usually more than one each kill).

Most casters can solo Princess in Maraudon, if you have decent enough gear, especially Warlocks.

Paladins can stack some reflective damage gear and AoE farm various instances. If you have really good gear, you can probably do Scarlet Monastery without much issue. Druids can do this to a lesser extent (no Improved Retribution Aura, but they do have Thorns).

Tanks can do Strat runs and reserve the first Righteous Orb. That’s at least 20g a run.

Generally speaking you can use First Aid to get more gold out of cloth. If you’re a tailor, some recipes are more profitable than just vendoring cloth or bandages, so turn it into that item then vendor the item. Same goes for Leatherworking.

Skinning is extra money on every kill of a beast. Don’t even auction it; just vendor it. Even Rugged Leather is barely above vendor price, and the auction house cut actually means you get less money than if you just sold it to a vendor.

In the end, every decent money making method early on in the game relies on vendoring, because people won’t have the gold to buy things for a decent price, and the vast amounts of people leveling and doing those same methods drives down prices.

If you come up with a good gold making method, don’t tell anyone, or it will be ruined in a matter of days.


Yup badlands rock elementals drop alot of grey stones worth alot of silver! grinded out my 15g i needed left for my mount at lv 40.

Is there a vod of this I can check out? It seems weird blizzard wouldn’t be actioning this or at least say they are in the process of investigating to action this if it’s what they say it is.

Reckful got banned for a very long time, so this isn’t true at all.

Definitely should at least be a roll back for all the raid gear. Made some sense for open world content, not instances. People know in that case that what they’re doing is definitely wrong. I just watched a hunter take all his MC gear and go one/two shot everyone in Gadgetzan for over an hour. Like come on.

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Streamer generate nothing except for toxic gameplay

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I’m on this train. Why should those of us playing legit get screwed over by this? This is going to have a horrible ripple effect.


It is too late to just target the ones that benefited the most. The trickle down is everywhere. I see/hear so many ppl saying “I didn’t know, the boss just respawned I didn’t know it was an exploit” which is bs. That effects how fast “some” players got to 60, effects gold generated. I think a hard reset with zero layering in dungeons or raids would be fine. I honestly don’t get why you need layering once you are in contested zones and on, only rly need it in the starter zones. This feels like laziness. Can anyone tell me why there was layering in dungeons/raids? Never was in live.

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Facts, I was making 10G per hour when I was grinding for gold at level 33. Math indicates I could make enough if I no-lifed.

Edit: I don’t layer hop and never will.