Perma ban them all

Where did APES abuse dungeon layering? There’s tons of vods of them doing dungeon spamming legitimately; at least try to sound like you’re not envious when you call for someone to get banned.

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It should be minimum 6 months suspension. The economy will take just as long to recover.
Things that should be rare are in great supply on the AH.
This isn’t an exploit for personal gain and personal impact like xp pots. This is realm impacting implications. One month is hardly a decent punishment.

I genuinely have to ask if you’re disabled… APES did nothing exploitative at all…

lol, that’s fair… they should actually just lose customers. It is good business practice

You literally necro’d a thread so you could reply to yourself…smh

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Probably passing time as he auto walks to next quest.

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