Perma ban them all

Off with their heads! Show them no mercy!

Also make sure to put up their decapitated character heads in Stormwind and Orgrimmar for all to see!


Is there actually any proof of APES exploiting?

I saw the clip.

What happened? Was this something that happened beyond the raid xp and alleged layering exploits? Was this something newly discovered? Or are people going mad with mob mentality?

I scrolled through this entire thread so far and got nothing more than “they exploited and should get banned”. What happened?

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Check under your seat! It’s a ban! You get a ban! And you get a ban! Everyone gets a ban!

Funny how everyone is saying ban, but not posting proof of why.

I want bans, if there is proof.

Stop saying you saw a link, and post where to find the link.

Forum mods are removing links after they get posted and possibly punishing people for linking it. Why get punished for you?


Just point me in the direction.

Googling what exactly?

Edit: nevermind. found it.

Ban them.

On a discord I visit they just linked a twitch clip of the pummler boss laying there dead and then it comes back after the magic trick.

How do people have video evidence of it then?

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Private servers, also easy to photoshop or insert effects to show massive amounts of gold. Its not that hard to fake things.

Only solution is… Fressshhhhh!


Ya I just worked my a** off to get my mount at level 40… do you know how many rock elementals I had to kill to grind the last 15 gold?

So what you’re saying is no evidence will be good enough for you unless it comes straight for Blizzard?

…wow, do you have any wool for me?


You can keep your used high mileage server and the Fresh will have no layering so we can go throw all our tantrums there away from you guys who don’t care.

I’m saying its extremely easy to doctor footage of events happening that aren’t. So the boss I can insert a clip of said boss moving around during editing to show it “respawned” from layering. I can then edit in the fight I just did, or did a few hours ago to show a new fight. I can then edit my gold in between in my bags post editing by having guildies give me gold for lols.

And the toxicity is strong with this one… keep that attitude up and Classic may just fail.

swear i saw the threads and just stopped leveling… like not motivated anymore just is not fair.
“lets just take Layering-exploit it and then take it out phase 2”
Classic Blizzard


Okay, except some of the strongest evidence is it happening live on a prominent streamer’s stream. Like… unedited.

Classic also doesn’t need the community being, “toxic” to fail - Blizzard is steering this ship.


Perm ban the incompetent Blizzard employees that allowed this to happen. Such a ridiculous and egregious bug. Perm ban them all. And take J Allen Brack while you’re at it.


If thats the case Blizzard is going to slam the ban hammer down hard.

Just like with the exp pot exploit a few months ago (though that was cutting into their sales of $60 boosts). With suspensions for those who used it once or twice, month long ones for those who have used it multiple times, and perma bans for the heaviest of exploiters. Those who did it more than once or twice and had massive capitial gains may have a character rollback or a GM go in and remove all their gold.

Also tomorrow is Monday so we shall hear more then.