Pathfinder? Again? Lession not learned

I love both types of flying but ANYTHING locked behind a pathfinder is for their new “retention metrics”. Pathfinder needs to go and i thought it was a lession they learned already when they gave us our mounts so fast in dragonflight. Guess not.

I have an older thread that moved some people but it was that some people (old and young) couldnt do dragon riding and quit wow. now you blizzard will let them fly the old mounts but punishes them into a pathfinder…

What are your thought with a dying game?

Edit: (current ptr build 9-18-23) i just went and looked up the requirements as of posting… you need renown 15 with everyone. I dont have 15 and i think one one 10 with even one toon as ive been playing around on alts this xpac. So now this so called “alt friendly” xpac just became a big screw you to players who left at the start of the game. So now they have to spend how many hours grinding on mounts they cant use to get the rep for this?


Ive done pathfinder for every expansion so far. On the fence about whether i will bother doing this one or not as it matters a lot less with dragonriding in place. So idk.


We don’t know what the Pathfinder requirements are yet, it may be extremely simple. I typically don’t “rage” about stuff that isn’t known yet. I’m aware there is a list on Wowhead that was datamined, but that is not accurate until Blizzard says it is.


We absolutely do. They’ve been on PTR.

Also: the people that need normal flying are the ones who can’t dragonride. But they’re required to either have friends who can taxi them around or dragonride themselves.

So basically Blizzard just made it difficult for those with disabilities to get the normal flying they need.


“The achievement is not fully implemented on the PTR, but has the following requirements currently:”


That article is ten days old. I don’t refer to the article. I refer to PTR. And PTR has been updated since.

If you think they’re going to change any of it when it’s basically the same exact requirements that it’s always been… then you’re simply here to be dismissive and not look at the actual concern with Pathfinder.


So…you’ve been able to fly in this expansion since day one. And yet you’re STILL whining about a pathfinder achievement for flight mode that’s significantly slower?



this is the pathfinder the reason it not implemented is that its the ptr and it would be hard to get to remown 15 with that current ptr build

I do find it hilarious you have to grind to fly slower lmao


i am waiting for the pathfinder for old zones dragonriding


It helps to understand the topic. People who cannot dragonride and want to come back for normal flying can’t now.


See, I would be ok with pathfinder if you could complete it in one reset. As it is, with the renown restrictions, it’s a few weeks grind. Unbelievable


Uh huh. People act like dragon riding is synonymous with whatever small amount of skill/dexterity is required to do the racing WQs. I don’t buy it.


we have dragon riding in place.

there’s no reason to work for a pathfinder as they killed every use for regular riding for farming.

while I would like regular riding, I’m never coming back to Dragon Isles after this x pac and I don’t think Dr is ever coming to the rest of the world other than limited events.

Its hard enough logging on to retail now and this sure doesn’t encourage me…

15 renown is just absurd…


As a player with a lot of druids, not being able to use one of my core class defining abilities of flight form has been kind of a real turn off. So yes I can fly, but I want my normal flying back.


No. People have disabilities and cannot dragonride.

They require friends to constantly taxi them around or they don’t play.


They’ve already told us they’re working on it. The skyboxes are currently being updated to accommodate it.


Agreed, I’m not buying it either. I don’t fly very fast when dragonriding, but it is very easy, I just tap 3 3 3 3 and glide wherever I’m headed. Sometimes my dragon needs to take a break to catch his breath; but there’s no story completion need to go zooming around at max speed or do the races or be absolutely perfect with the recharge talent use.

I do miss being able to hover, but a dragon isn’t a hummingbird; this way is better immersion wise.


And are those the people who have been crying for a literal decade about the various pathfinder achievements? Somehow I doubt that are THAT many legitimately disabled players in WoW…

Right. All you have to do is point your camera straight up, hit space bar until you’re out of vigor, and just coast basically anywhere on the map. If you can gain altitude on a regular flying mount, you can do that on a dragon riding mount.