Party Sync Preview

Then you’re a strong independent human who don’t need no friends.

Get one LvL 60 twink and 40 friends… it should work in theory? At least I hope it scales up to raids.

Uhhh more importantly that party sync, what’s that plate set the Orc is wearing? I NEED IT.

Do you want to explain how this is going to work for Demon Hunters?

Armor and Weapons from Uldir.

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I checked with the team as some of the scaling changes from 7.3.5 also impacted your question. As long as you have Party Sync activated, you are scaled to the appropriate level band, and there shouldn’t be a negative impact on experience.

And in case it helps, when I say ‘experience’ above, this applies to both quest turn in experience (which shouldn’t be impacted anyway) as well as monster-killing-experience.


Now THIS is an awesome feature. Thanks for the sharing Bornakk!

A constructive suggestion you might pitch to the Developers. Back in City of Heroes there was a ‘side-kick’ function which achieved something similar, but in reverse. Aside from the range requirement (Side-kicks regressed to their innate level if they got too far from their mentor which most people thought was pretty bad in dungeons) it was a good feature.

Basically for people who haven’t ever played City of Heroes, Side-Kick was a system where a low-level player grouped with you and then became your hero’s ‘sidekick’. The low level player was automatically scaled to 1 level under you, but lacked the skills that came with that level. Despite that the side-kick could do dungeons / missions with their ‘mentor’, which is akin to what the Party Sync feature does.

I think such a feature would help World of Warcraft as well.


Excellent. Thanks for the clarification!

Bornakk I hope you’re still reading this thread because I have an important concern that I’m sure others share:

It says at the end of the article that 8.2.5 is coming in a few months. Is this correct?

We fixed the typo a few minutes ago. It’s been updated to ‘next few weeks’. Thanks for the callout :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks.

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Bornakk, is it a typo that it says this feature will be released with the patch in the next few months? This suggests that 8.2.5 won’t be dropping till after Blizzcon instead of before.

Edit: You answered my question before I even asked it.

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Disco party sync?

Wait wait wait, is this the FF14 system? Tell me its the FF14 system!

Sounds cool for friends, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people who hate leveling.

<clicks on 120 boost!>

Not quite but sort of. It’s about time they start to modernize this game some. Features that other games have had for years.

The classic people will be so mad about this… yet another way to kill the game.

There are two different scaling systems interacting here - party sync will scale you down to the expansion cap while synced, but mob scaling will mean you both see the same monster with different numbers.

The math looks wierd, but it all works out.

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I knew something was not quite right. And yes, I had to say that in my nightborne voice.

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Man, I’m super excited for the quest replay part of it. I usually bring people over in groups, and while we try to stay on the same level and phase with quests, that gets hard to do with IRL stuff happening. Being able to jump to the same phase sounds legit! :+1:

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