Parsing in classic


I’m not actually.

Parses are a way for bad players to make themselves feel like they aren’t bad.


Sure your not.

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I think its a great thing. Being competitive and loving statistics and theory crafting and always trying to strive for greatness is the beauty of classic and playing a game that has already been beat. These are the kinda people that will keep interested throughout the game’s life because they find fun in what some people consider boring or inconsequential. Also using gold as some kind of an excuse for saying they are not good is not true. Your ability to farm is what makes you a good raider. Simply because it’s necessary to enjoy making gold for you to succeed in later phases. Those who dont farm well will have a rough time in AQ and Naxx. The grind, your own raid, the punishments of not having a full raid following mechanics, the hard gear checks, and the attrition of a 40 man raid over the length of classic is the true challenge and all of these things are a component. The moment you underachieve and just raid log that’s when you get bored and begin to fail the marathon. Sure people buy gold and destroy the integrity of the farming, but those who keep up with farming and are able to have consumables and peak performance, that’s an achievement even if it’s a lot of simplistic spells and easy mechanics.

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I rest my case, poster child right here folks.

Guild name checks out.


You are criticizing someone because they are giving more effort than you. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Such a team player you are.

I don’t know about you guys, but hitting one button takes a lot of mental fortitude and dedication. 100% of mage damage comes from hitting that button.

Meanwhile melee get 40%+ of their damage from remember to right click the mob (and even if they don’t remember, it automatically remembers for them when they use an ability). And most of their big damage abilities they’re just waiting on energy/rage to be able to click the button again. So they’re not doing anything during those times. So which of these takes more skill? Don’t knock mages til you tried it, there’s a reason some are way better than others even in Classic. ABC (Always Be Casting) takes dedication. Although RNG does make ABC easier.

I will agree that Classic is more about coming in with the right gear/buffs than it is about skill. But let’s not single out Mages when all classes are a joke to play other than maybe Feral Druid?

And stat-weights for things like Crit & Hit really don’t matter, you just stack damage and wait until RNG/buffs makes you crit almost every time and never miss. Yeah, your logs are inconsistent, but your highest log is higher than anyone else’s because you have more raw base damage. At least that’s how it is for Mages - I’m sure hit & crit might mean more to Warriors/Rogues. I’m not entirely sure. And tanks obviously want good hit rating to consistently keep aggro.

That’s what made Classic great though - it was more about the gear and less about skill. This is an RPG not an FPS. Who cares about skill? It’s like rolling the dice and scoring a big hit in that table version of D&D ya’ll nerds play… Just now we have a website that tracks those big hits and we can compete against people from all over the world for the biggest string of big hits. Doesn’t get any better than this.

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Accurate guild name.

Be a mage.

Only use frost bolt entire raid.

Wonder why this other mage is doing 400 more dps than you while casting less frost bolts

Learn to use other spells.

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Playing for leaderboards(parses) will only lead to disappointment as the game will seem broken, shallow, and borderline unplayable in many cases. It was never designed to be played that way.

To game parses is little more than a matter of cheese strats to pad DPS numbers+being lucky with gear+getting as many buffs as possible without going over the buff cap. None of these are particularly “skillful”, and are extremely overkill, yet people will still find a reason to get upset when a raid boss boss dies in a matter of seconds.

The skill cap in classic PvE is knowing how to gear, and what consumes/buffs to use. Hence the old blurb that most of the work that goes into vanilla raiding is actually done outside of raid.

Now, with my antagonism against those who play for “meter PvP” over(for now), I will say that parses and logs in general are an extremely useful raid tool for tracking overall raid throughput, uptime on buffs and debuffs, damage intake, and areas where healing is strong and weak.

Using these, a raid leader can look at areas of high damage output on a fight, and change up their strat in a way that maximizes that phase of the fight for the most damage possible. Or, they can look at damage intake at certain areas, and have healers conserve their CDs/big throughput spells until that part of the fight.

This is especially true in Classic, where very little is telegraphed. Things often just “happen” without any animation or cue, and that’s where warcraft logs really comes in handy.

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I’m more interested in playing the content & having fun using different approaches, etc. than playing the parsing meters epeen game. Back in Vanilla, I wouldn’t even know that my DPS was at the top unless someone else in the group just had to post their parsing in group chat at the end of fights. I could care less. I was just playing & having fun. We won the fight, so who gives a f***. So many unhealthy, hyper-competitive, OCD mentalities out there.

I enjoy looking at them, to know how I’m performing relative to my guild mates. I don’t care what 14 hour a day ZF farmer mage parses. If the content gets cleared, who cares. Last raid I think our average parse of each raid member was like 60-70. No world buffs, no flasks. Cleared MC in like 2 hours and that includes clearing just about all trash, no shortcuts.

I think we had like 5 deaths total. Mainly from those random fireballs that go out on trash and one shot people.

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To be frank, if you’re not trying to parse high and compete, I’m not sure why you’re playing this game past your first MC clear. That’s what the gear is for with this amount of min-maxing accessibility.

It’s only unhealthy when it causes drama, such as causing players in a raid to nitpick each other for their parses, or get upset at not being able to parse well because they have to fulfill a more utilitarian role on a fight.

For this reason, it isn’t uncommon that raid leaders will make logs privy only to them, keeping the rest of the raid ignorant. They’re a powerful information tool, but all too often misinterpreted as leaderboards where they become the endgame rather than the actual endgame itself.

Killing things quickly isn’t that important now, but starting in BWL, and especially later, it will be. Why? Because MC will be farmed for a long time to come, as some items in there are just that good, and the less time in MC means the more time in BWL.

Getting a high parse should be a nice pat on the back for someone, and getting a low one should be an opportunity for reflection on what they could do better; it should not, and never be, something that dictates the flow of a raid, and neither a place to look down on fellow raid members.


I’m only pointing out to those who use logs to belittle others in Classic that it’s not all that impressive to hit 99%. Good for them for doing it. It’s still not as impressive as someone who hits 99% in Mythic.

But the salt from all the sweaty tryhards is really funny.

Being competitive is unhealthy? Lmao… True. We should all just be given High Warlord and all gear should be rewarded randomly by drawing names out of a hat.

This was one of the reasons why classic raiding didn’t do anything for me. Parsing is all about world buffs, gear, overpriced consumables, and AoE padding. There is very little skill involved.

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It is astounding to me how many people can talk about how classic is a no skill game while getting <40% parses with decent gear. At that point you are insulting yourself by being demonstrably awful at an easy game.