Parsing in classic

People who think they are good at classic by spending a pile of gold to get 99 parses are hilarious. Especially mages. It’s 1 button. Over and over again the entire fight. In some fights to get a 99 or 100 you ignored decurse.

MC is very easy. If you parsed that high you obviously spent a large amount of time gathering gold or mats to stack buffs. Congratulations on your classic parse. Hop over to retail and parse 99 in a Mythic raid, then I’ll be impressed.


Parsing a 15 year old game in 2020 is real business.


It’s funny because %80 of a good parse is actually how good your raid group is. Faster kills = higher dps. AOE pulls = higher dps ( aoe pull Domo fight for example).

But if you call someone terrible in AV, they’ll make sure to bring your parses up.


So, OP is salty 'cuz he’s a baddie?

It’s okay to be a baddie, OP. I am and I have more fun than anyone. The secret is to do your best and not worry about it too much.


Yea can you imagine speed running old games ??? I mean I can’t imagine that there are actually communities of people who enjoy running old content quickly. The fact that different people enjoy different aspects of a large MMO blows my mind. I think everyone should enjoy what I enjoy.


Not sure if the people you’re referring to actually care if you’re impressed or not?

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Thanks for confirming you’re a baddie.

Just here to rain on some parades.

No thanks. I will stick to Classic.
Haven’t logged back into Retail since I downloaded Classic a little over two months ago.
But you go right on ahead. :+1: :ok_hand:


It’s true. It’s especially true for locks, they literally sacrifice raid-wide dps for personal parses. First GCD’ing corruption and ignoring raid curses. So annoying.

Oh, any of the ~1,000 Hordies who’ve killed me could have told you that, it’s no secret.

You be the best little raincloud you can be, OP.


Parsing ≠ speed running


If they didnt care they wouldnt act all high mighty.

Me, a true casual, wondering what parsing is.


I reference the info simply for personal improvement.

I use all the consumes I can muster. For me, this adds to the vanilla experience, collecting various mats through the week for raid night consumables is how I spend my downtime.

It has nothing to do with epeen, but rather, improving my performance. My 70% average is nothing to brag about, but I’m having fun and we are clearing at a very reasonable rate.

I dont get why people put negative connotations with people wanting to do well in a 15 year old game but also play the 15 year old game themselves. It don’t matter how old the game is, if you want to do well at it and be good at it then good for you. Competitiveness is healthy for any game, no matter how old it is.

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Why do you care about how others enjoy to play the game? Everyone has different motivating factors.




I had never herd of it until a month or so ago. But I stopped raiding after BC.

Yeah but have you even seen my parses?! I only take like 15g worth of consumes a night too (but I pick my own herbs and make my on potions so I dont even pay that)

These parses are clearly here so I can flex my epeen, and not so I can keep an eye on where I fall in relation to other mages of my gear level

What’s really funny is that people are now creating false logs to upload to Warcraft Logs so the site’s data is getting increasingly skewed. It’s not too difficult if you know how to do it and there’s very little the site can do to stop it.