Parsing in classic

Guess I’ll never know what a parse is.

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Imagine thinking you have any clue what you’re talking about.
It’s true that in some fights like Rag, for the most part all you do is press frostbolt.

You are absolutely wrong when it comes to more than half the raid bosses in MC tho. Fights like Luci, Ghennas, Garr, Domo, Sulfuron where AoE rotation is far more important for both SPEED RUNS and Personal ranking parses.

The ideal “AoE” rotation for a mage on said fights is as follow:

On the pull, precast rank 6 Flame Strike.
PoM rank 5 Flame Strike on top of it (they stack at the same time)
Sapper Charge + Oil of Immolation
Pop AP + ToEP
Cone of Cold on cooldown
Spam Arcane Explosion
Get Power Infusion from Priest when AP runs out.
Once adds die, you do single target rotation weaving Fireblast + CoC if you have the mana and target is not fire immune.

There are other implications to consider such as gear sets for both AoE and single target being different. For ST you can just stack raw spell damage/Frost damage.

For AoE, crit has alot more value and so does Intellect for mana pool purposes.

You can very well get good parses with much less effort, but consistently parsing 99s and getting rank 1 parses require effort and investment and knowing your stuff.

As for decurse, any half decent raid will have people use Restorative Potions, have druids and their winter chill mage decurse is more than enough.

And I say this as someone who has gotten rank 1 world parses in retail mythic raiding.

A parse is a raid log, your guild downs a boss and if someone is logging it then it’ll be reported onto warcraftlogs and you’ll be compared to other players of your classes spec and ilvl. It also gives you details on every aspect of the fight as well

Oh boy it’s the daily “I dont like how people play” post. Why are people so worried about how others play? Do what you want, and don’t worry about how much effort and time other people put in. Everyone plays the game different, accept it and move on.



Its pretty much bad players hating on good players. Nothing to see here


The word ‘parse’ actually refers to your ranking in relation to the ranking of everyone that’s submitted logs for the past 2 weeks :slight_smile:

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If I was a mage I’d tryhard with consumables etc too, gotta do something to stay awake while mashing the frostblot button

I don’t see a reason to complain about people tryharding, there’s always people who need to be carried

Mages who think they are good at this game by spamming one button in a raid are hilarious.

MC is easy af. Trying for a high parse is a way for people to challenge themselves as we farm loot and wait for more difficult content to come out. Sort of like a minigame within the game. If they find it fun, and it’s not hurting the team, who are you criticize them for it?

The same could be said the other way. Why does some ultra try hard belittle those who dont do the same?

Guild name checks out


Your guild name is appropriate.


I always laugh when people bring up vanilla parses. It’s just pepole trying to stack every known buff in existence to man, and then bragging about it.


This thread is the equivalent of making fun of someone for playing elmo’s letter adventure seriously while you yourself are playing spongebob seriously. Neither game requires particularly high skill and you just look foolish.

All the haters are going to be in for a rude awakening when they have to clear multiple raids in a week, when they cant be bothered to even bring consumables.

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You can log your raid and upload those logs to

If you do that, your performance (DPS or healing) is rated against everyone else doing the same fights as you.

Here’s an example:

You’re supposed to look at this data and extrapolate where changes need to be made, but some folks think it’s a measure of the size of their digital genitalia.

See how I’m way up at the top on these meters? I had full consumables and got Power Infusion on some of those fights. (no world buffs though)

Now compare that to last week when deliberately I didn’t use any consumables (even elixirs) or receive PI:

It’s classic. On most fights you sit there and press one button for a couple minutes. This really isn’t a measure of skill.

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Because they can’t do it.

Cant press the buttons? Or they can, but they choose not to spend the chunck of gold.

And yet all your doing is showing how jealous you are lmao