Parsing in Classic is a problem because it divides the community

Here is an excellent video explaining exactly what parsing is and how it works. As Simonize explains, it has created a divergence between players who only care about their own parse and those who care about the success of the team.

I don’t care what your parse is. I don’t care what my parse is. I only care about the raid team being successful and clearing content.


I see people have ran out of scapegoats and are back to attack parsing.


Outside of the extreme outlier where someone will wipe their team because their parse got ruined, better parses means better chance at clearing the content.

The problem with logs stems from casual/bad players having a victim complex.


There is nothing wrong with being casual, and no one started out as a good player. It takes time and practice to become a good player, which can’t happen if rejected constantly because of previous bad parses or a lack of them.


There are many other groups that will accept a low gs or a low parse, there are many guilds out there fighting roster attrition that will gladly accept a body just to fill out the roster. Soooo many opportunities for everyone in this game. The problem isnt the people rejecting them, the problem is they have thin skin and cant take being rejected.

There are many out there that want to be accepted but once accepted wont put in the effort to get better, they just want to stay at their status quo and do the content, which is fine, however raid teams are not and should not have their ability to pick and choose who they want taken away from them just for the sake of including everyone.


the skillgap is now so much worse than it was in the original wotlk that the playerbase is already two playerbases.


You know, between that wow game where competitive parsing is important vs some people just want to raid casually with friends … You can have both. It’s a false dichotomy.


parse strats r often more risky or a waste of time…


Some groups are better equipped to do them than others. Nothing wrong with that

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In most cases, if you wanted your raid to do well, you would try to parse higher.


Parses are lame. Metasheep are lame.



Lets be honest, good players are more fun to be around than the alternative.


I would much rather play with people who are interested in playing the game to have fun. No one likes to repeatedly wipe on non-progression content. However, the “optimal” game play isn’t fun at all.


Its fun for them and theyre far more efficient than the other end of the spectrum. Id rather have fun downing content effeciently than watch someone run over mim mines 9 weeks in a row.


ehh, I’ve been in a few hc guilds and theres always at least a few really toxic ppl. Quit tbc early because someone was dropping the n bomb in disc.


every guild has toxic people

You quit tbc cause you heard the N word :skull:


A guild mate told us the guild they were in prior to ours, they needed people to pre-pot and min max on trash on the way to the boss, people out performed would be replaced…

Even in my most sweaty days in OG wrath or any expansion after did I not go that hard into the content, I did always try -my- best for my own sake but I never cared about parsing on every fight lol, good job to those who parse well, I guess? As long as you have knowledge on your class with some effort to do well, who cares.


Spectrum is right!


It really depends what A lot of really high skill players can be complete Jerks and thinking you’re better than everybody else even if they do.

Are there a lot of good players that are nice? Yes are there a lot of players that are good that are complete in other jerks yeah And that it becomes a power struggle i’m better than you.

Especially if you have players with equal skill If so I would argue it really depends on the person