Paladin Tanking in Classic

Prot pallies could never be the MTs in a progression raid in vanilla; however, they were the kings of AOE tanking and frankly were better than warriors in this regard. They probably had the most reliable AOE threat generation. Things like the BRD emperor run really made prot pallies shine, as well as certain raid encounters. In fact this continued for some way into TBC until the AOE tanking abilities of the other classes were improved.

Having said the above, however, the vast majority of tanking in vanilla raids was single target tanking.

You’ll regret farming consumable weapons and being terrible without BiS items and every consumable.

Until they run out of Mana

everyone has to farm consumables dude - everyone…

Mana is only an issue if you’re spamming consecrate, which any good prot pally shouldn’t be doing, you use it once then let ret aura, blessing of sanctuary, and holy shield do the rest, while target swapping and judging priority mobs.

Thing is that you’ll have to raid as holy to get that plate int gear, so you can tank dungeons.

Which is why you can downrank spells. Paladins gain more aggro off of being hit or a much better block when it comes to AoE packs.

You have a max rank priority system and a system later designed to just maintain. Which is also why all PUGs get Salvation over anything else in instances.

That’s all great and cool, but pretty much every prot paladin video, they use raid gear. How do they get raid gear? By playing holy. Then they ditch their guild by choosing to respec prot and tank dungeons, which is not going to be appreciated.

Paladins got their tank gear by playing a 20/31/0 spec so they don’t have to respec.

I guess you can do that. You’ll lose out on some important tank talents, but sure.

This is true for ret spec as well, except take out one point from ret put it into holy for free crit heal, repentance has limited use group PVP, and that free crit heal is pretty amazing when bubbled.

Not really, holy shield, Blessing of sanctuary, reckoning, hit, improved block and redoubt are all you really need.

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Armor is nice to have. Not being paper and all.

You lose 4% parry chance. Not truly needed for dungeon tanking.

If you’re raid tanking as a Paladin, you respec to 11/31/9.

No one is tanking as a paladin in raids seriously, they’re doing it because they overgeared and for fun, the spec isn’t designed for it, as parry/dodges actually hurt the paladins ability to tank because it means no holy damage from sanctuary, holy shield, or ret aura was done.

But low parry and dodge, combined with not taking 10% armor from talents, means healer will hate you a lot.

Please point to THE EXACT SENTENCE where I said “don’t take Toughness.”

You hit dimnishing returns pretty fast with armor, and paladins have a load of block which makes up for it, especially in 5 mans where a single shot won’t kill you. Like i said you’re really not going to be raid tanking unless your guild has it on farm status and everyone is super geared so they can afford to let the palading tank.

Armour never actually loses effectiveness until hard cap when looking at it from an effective HP standpoint.

As you go up in armour it takes more per 1%, but the way percentage based DR works is that the more you have of it the more valuable it becomes.

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