Paladin Tanking in Classic

I can only guess you mean Blessing of Protection because that’s your only way of getting aggro is to BOP the other tank. But that relies solely on you being second on the threat list, or otherwise the boss is going on a murder spree.

BOP has a 2 min cooldown at most. And taunting is an important mechanic in Vanilla. You won’t be able to tank Rajaxx or any of the dragons which do wing buffet, for example.

EDIT: Oh you were telling a joke I think. But still this info is important lol.

The main problem with paladin OTs in raids is that there are simply too many encounters that can not be off tanked by the paladin. A fury warrior on the other hand can OT them all, and does good damage when not needed to tank. The prot paly just sits around being carried.

Well blizzard didn’t want any class to tank as good as warriors back then and druids were pretty much the jack of trades so they got a bit of everything every class has, that is why they had taunt or growl.

Many of those raid boss fights were different then they were in legion, where every boss was like tank swap. So there is hope for some are depends on the boss.

paladins weren’t really designed to be full blown everything

I’m tolerant of meme specs, but even prot pallies cross the line for me. I’d strongly advise playing a bear if you really don’t want to tank as a warrior.

Just roll a warrior dude. It’ll be fine, you don’t need the self heal crutch.


Theloras, Please stop spreading your private server propaganda. Wait until you can test it out on real Vanilla WoW.

like this?

but sure give me a beta invite and I’d be more than happy to lol

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See this is good. Now get on the beta and do some real theorycrafting.

Hard to tell without all the synergies, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for Theloras to make a thread post-launch.

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i ain’t gonna resub for a “chance” at a beta invite - whether people without active subs or not get in I don’t know for sure 100% but I’m not gonna resub retail and pray

that being said, my theories are proving correct thus far coming from private servers cause all of the bug reports I wrote on each of those servers were based on information/evidence that I discovered from retail vanilla sources

so that right there is your answer - everything that i’ve ever written about or advocated for was based on retail vanilla and NOT from private servers

Just don’t be one of those people that cry’s because it’s not like their private server lol.

that’s not how I roll - read this thread if you haven’t already…

on some of these issues, I was never able to find answers and so I have quite literally been searching for final closure for years.

now finally at long last, I will be able to get answers to these with Classic :slight_smile:

I’m sure some people won’t have time for raiding. Prot pallies are great dungeon tanks.

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The word viable should be replaced with optimal

Most things are actually viable


Yep, totally. And the only time it matters to be optimal is if you’re in a hardcore guild - and even then, they’ll need players to fill out their rosters, and non-rogues/warriors/mages for DPS. Druids are actually good OT too and are very flexible, so even in a hardcore guild you’d want at least one for that flexibility and utility.

I can agree that paladins in classic/vanilla were not the best, and many times were geared in a very weird way. Though looking at changes that were made over the course of the game prior to tbc, such as losing seal of righteous fury to gain the buff righteous fury, there is the potential to make some small changes to improve enjoyment for all.

I mean as said we had no real taunt, also no real reliable pulling ability outside of face pulling (not counting exo as it is quite limited). So what if instead of losing seal of rightous fury for the buff it would become we kept that seal an the judgement effect was changed to be a taunt effect (still you would need to put up the seal an judge it when you have the cd ready compared to just taunting as a warrior (still a ten second cd for them).

Though also will say that I would not mind seeing them take away the restriction on exorcism to allow it to be used on all targets, but give it something like it deals max damage or bonus damage against undead/demons, and which would make it our pulling mechanic like warriors could charge or bow/gun pull too.

No changes. There’s no reason to fiddle with class balance.

I think there are enough threads on this that you didn’t need to necro this one, but w/e.

Take it from someone who played Paladin in Vanilla: If you want to tank or dps, play warrior. For any other reason or exception you’re going to have a bad time. Only play Paladin if you want to heal and others expect you to heal.