Paladin Tanking in Classic

Protection Paladin will still be useless and totally unviable in Classic, correct? As in, no one would ever take a Prot Pally in a raid because Blizzard didn’t give them a taunt.

I’ve been struggling with what class I should play (as Prot has been my main forever), and none of the other classes ever truly interest me for all too long. Would love to know if there’s any chance to actually raid as a Protection Paladin.

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You’ll be able to Prot Tank in very specific fights, typically as an OT.

I played Paladin and mained since Day 1 up until Legion.

We’re awesome at single target healing, you can tank dungeons, have some of the coolest looking abilities. However, at the end of the day it comes down to this for us:

  • Ret: You’ll be relegated to stomping PVP
  • Prot: You’ll be power leveling or doing some high end dungeons, while possibly being OT for specific bosses (Warriors are just way to good compared to us)
  • Holy: You have a garenteed spot in a raid

Don’t worry to much, if you go Prot, you still have a chance to do content as a Prot Pally, it just may be alittle more difficult to get out of a OT position.


SPELLADIN says, “Hold my beer…”


You have my attention.


Don’t change paladin, if you start making changes you’ll completely ruin it. It was fine back then and it’ll be fine in classic.

Paladins are weaker in every way to druids and warriors. No raid will want a paladin tanking anything. Healing however…

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now come and join the SPELLADIN discord where I and the other top Paladin theory crafters are working to make it the new meta on Classic:


SPELLADIN isn’t a change - it’s the simple realization that we were doing it wrong the entire time - seriously though go to the forum thread I posted above and watch the video then join the discord

TLDR - don’t follow the AP Mongoloid anathema that a certain RetBull streamer is espousing and embrace the new SPELLADIN meta - you won’t regret it.

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Thel, my man, i know this. I was talking to OP, people always come in saying that paladins are too weak and want them fixed. What they can do is awesome and changes will just ultimately make it worse. Back in Vanilla i was a shockadin, the " spelladin" and a spell damage prot pally.

Problazer - when are you going to recruit me so that I can taunt Sareene some more?

ok my bad friend - been a long day in the sun sitting by the pool - daddy needs to rehydrate :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem at all.

Nothing like having high armor and being able to deal lots of spell damage, fun times will be had again.

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Appreciate the response. Were there not many tank-swap mechanics in vanilla raiding that could facilitate taking a prot pally?

It’s true that prot paladins had less tools than warriors but we also didn’t know what we know nowadays. Every prot paladin tried to gear like a warrior but that just doesn’t work, you just end up being a welfare warrior.

As someone who has mained Pally for a decade. I’ve never been so offended yet also in more agreement with a statement of my class in vanilla.

My favorite thing was leveling and having an ability (exorcism) which you could never use, outside of afew leveling zones. We literally were just an auto attack based character leveling with afew mods, but not really. I remember when we got Seal of Blood & Vegence we lost our freaking minds, because we could actually level alittle easier.

Granted that wasn’t until TBC.

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I recall too, this character is my original vanilla toon. BC/Wotlk certainly were the golden ages of prot and ret becoming main stream. That being said, i wouldn’t change anything about vanilla paladins.

Anyone else remember that really tanky prot healing build in wotlk? Weird little specs like that was what made the game fun. Vanilla has so many of them.

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Despite it being our dark age, I wouldn`t either. I always told people, we are the Paladins. We are not ment to be the strongest or weakest, we are the literal definition of a support class.

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Paladins are the best 5 man tank, but raiding is sketchy b/c you have no taunt.


We have the best taunt of all…Ahem.
" Vanilla prot paladins were the best tanks for all raid tiers"
You’d be surprised how much aggro you can acquire with that.


I never wanted to be MT. I actually liked being the OT. I liked having higher utility and a few “tricks up my sleeve”. There’s more than enough people wanting to be the EPIC MT RAIDING GOD!1!!1!… Feel free, you tank the boss, I’ll take the rest of them.

Warriors are Major “Dutch” Schaeffer from predator.
Paladins are Col. Scott McCoy from Delta Force series.