Paid faction change

It would be a simple matter of not having gear transfer over. It’s not rocket science.

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People seem to forget that Blizzard will do what is required to maintain their numbers. If they know keeping people playing Classic WoW (paying for subscriptions) is better by allowing faction changes, they will do it.

People almost chuckled at the thought of character transfers, and it happened relatively fast. There would be no difference for faction.

For gear (faction-specific), they will either have it removed and kept in your inventory/bank.

If it is for shaman/paladin changes, they will have the same rule apply, and have all tier gear properly transfer over.

It is only a matter of time.



Paid faction change only on pve servers.

Why? Make a case against it.

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No :tea: :frog:

Pve servers are non factors. I heard you can make both factions on the same server.

That is not a case for not allowing it on pvp servers.

It is if the player has a shaman. One a pve server the shaman can just be left behind because we can play both factions. On a pvp server, the shaman needs to be deleted during the transfer.

The idea was that when faction swapping, shaman would become pallys and vice versa. No gear and no class mounts would transfer.
(I would suggest that the paid faction change would cover your entire single server’s roster.)

Simple they can’t faction swap.


The game is predicated on faction warfare fantasy. Allowing faction transfers will undermine the animosity that is intended to fuel the conflict. Players choose a faction and learn to hate the other. On a pve server you can roll another character on the other faction. Unfortunate, but that was how Vanilla worked. PVP servers kept them entirely separate, as it should be.

oh boy. that would be a nail in the coffin.

There are actually players who retain their humanity and do not lose themselves in ridiculous blue shirt red shirt hatred.

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Faction change and race change should be allowed as there have already been way too many changes to justify the “nochanges” motto.


You gender swapped too.

doesn’t really mean anything since there have been many changes even from before it launched. no matter how much you or other people want it to be ‘classic’ isn’t vanilla wow. it wasn’t at launch and it isn’t now.
they should embrace the classic + model and make QOL improvements and small balance changes and fixes that make the experience better across the board.

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The ambiguity would be far too overwhelming. Nobody will ever agree on what Classic+ means.

And also, no. A change doesn’t open the door to every other change under the sun. The idea of Classic hasn’t changed. Just because they added colorblind mode doesn’t mean we have to add flying mounts.



May the winds guide us!

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