Paid faction change

We should be allowed to do this now that we have paid server transfer. #changes


While I don’t care if they add faction changes, the changes nochanges argument is one of the worst. There have already been multiple changes and no one said there will be no changes in the first place.


I agree with you, which is why I tagged it #changes. I think it’s a meme at this point. People crying #nochanges are just trolling.


As long as I can faction change to Deathknight, I’m OK with this.

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You can faction change now.

Best part is that it’s free.


You’ll be able to in Classic: WotLK. Vanilla only had server transfers.

The “changes” introduced were never intended to open up the game for more changes. On the contrary, they’re the only exceptions. And yes, they have said there won’t be changes many many times.

Ion Hazikostas quoted from

Just as importantly, Hazzikostas says, is that Classic “is what it is” and that players have to take “the bad with the good”—even if that means missing a boat because a priest mind controlled you. “There is no lobbying the developer to change that because the game is what it was in 2005,” he adds. “It has to be accepted, which then frees everybody to find all the positive aspects, all the upsides of that friction and those inconveniences because there’s a certain acceptance of the downsides.”

In other words, #nochanges.


No where in there does it say no changes. You are just taking what you want from what was said and assuming it meant no changes.

It will never happen due to paladins and shaman being faction specific.


Ok so if you can’t read between the lines then how about an explicit blue quote that literally says nochanges?

Is that good enough for ya?


Once again, just taking what you want from it. You didn’t quote the question that was an answer too.


I’m taking “nochanges” to mean “nochanges”?

Yes, I suppose I am. Imagine that. :thinking:

The only reason we have changes is because they started with the modern version of the game and worked backwards; a necessary compromise. They’ve moved as close to not changing anything from there as possible. That was and always will be the goal of Classic. They’re not going to turn that around.


No, level to 60 as alliance.


Apparently along with making assumptions you can’t read. You aren’t worth anymore time because it’s very apparent you aren’t capable of understanding. Move along silly cow.


How could I understand what you’re not communicating? What is it I’m not understanding?

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reroll casual

Impossible because of shaman and paladins.

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+1 for faction changes :kissing_heart:

clears throat

straightens hat

fixes monocle




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Yeah dude retail has this, you should go check it out.