Paid faction change

Blizzard literally said when they announced classic the goal was authenticity.
Every interview after that reinforced that.

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You can delete your character and make the one you want for free.



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Lolololol :violin:

Level 54. Checks out.

Somebody didn’t get the f’n memo…

I have 2 level 60’s and a 54. Do I pass your test now?

Not going to happen.

This won’t happen. Paladin and shamans, faction specific quest items, rep and quests completed are too problematic.

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Cant do faction change, horde doesn’t have paladins and alliance don’t have shamans. Faction change will never happen if both side dont have all the same classes

People with this kind of comments are so frigging morons. All over the place we hear about Horde imbalance etc yet you guys scoff at the simple idea of a faction change to solve this. Suggesting a delete and reroll at this point is so idiotic, people don’t want to reroll aand lose all their money, gear, reputation etc and do all this again.

Shaman and paladins? Just restrict the changes to all other classes other than these two. Here, problem solved. The point is simply to balance the factions and make everyone’s play time more enjoyable.

It’s not like this is a new game for f sake, it’s been played 15 years ago.

Its called rerolling

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Faction transfers aren’t going to fix faction imbalances.

If someone tries to faction change as a paladin or shaman, then make the shamans paladins and the paladins shamans. Problem solved.


We all know faction change will not happen lol.

While I feel it’s highly unlikely due to many faction specific nuances, I did find the wording of this interesting:

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Indeed, the biggest and most important change of all was population caps. That single change affects the economy and gameplay more than any other change that is even possible to make.

Ain’t it nice how people with passions are the easiest to troll?


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As much as a good thing it would be to have faction changes… what do you do with the shamans and paladin?

I dont think turning one into the other would work out very well

Some of us are actually able to differentiate between administrative changes and gameplay changes. The ability to faction change would in no way affect gameplay in game.