P2 is only 3 weeks

Wow. So much for an authentic game/recreation. It’s clear now that the only objective of Classic is to prep players for Shadowlands.

Didn’t P2/Honor just start on November 14*? You’re not even giving it a month…

AQ by March. Naxx by June. Shadowlands by Nov. Better start those pre orders…

The option for a fresh classic realm/reset or for TBC Classic (or whatever is “next”) will probably be to buy Shadowlands…

I’m not upset about WPvP or whatever you want to say. I’m upset that the game will end in a year or less.

If Blizzard is going to rush this game, can they at least have it done by April so I can play a good game like Cyberpunk after?


It is glorious.

A great decision by Blizz.

Let the whining of the Horde PvP players commence.


Zug zug!
Good lucky in giants queue horde…


I’m not upset that WPvP is “ending”.

I’m upset that they want the game itself to be done in less then a year for their new game. That no one wants that’s playing Classic. Atleast the majority of Classic players.


BWL isnt coming out with WSG and AV so its still P2, stop crying.


What are you talking about? Classic is a mix and match hodgepodge of different elements of vanilla. Even if they strictly adhered to their previous announced schedule, it still wouldn’t have been an authentic recreation. Why are you feigning outrage now when it was never an “authentic game recreation” from the start?


But they’re coming out Early 2020.

So probably Jan/Feb.

it SHOULD be coming out that time. Thank god. MC and Ony are a joke


When Blizz is done w/ Classic and on to Shadowlands, they’re going to lose this huge core of Classic players that came back soley for it.

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This. I actually think I’m done with Classic at this point. I’ll give it a day and see how I feel. But how fast they are going through content is just silly.


Very nice.

Time to farm gold, since I won’t have time soon.

Technically, November 14th.

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See ya level 30 priest. Don’t let the door hit ya…


Classic is a stop-gap during BfA content droughts, then it will go into drought when Shadowlands comes out, then TBC Classic will come out, then the next retail expansion, then the Wrath Classic, then the next expansion, etc…

My guess anyway.


Haha… I bet if you thought REAL hard you could figure out that I am NOT an undead priest.

They will stop at LK. Not enough ppl care beyond that and that’s a good thing.

That’s how Blizzard views it. Its wrong of them to. Myself, and many other players came back ONLY for Classic. They do realize once Classic is “done” there’s going to be another exodus.

Or prereqs to play their other Legacy servers, like buying Shadowlands to play WotLK.

Or a Nelf Rogue.

Or a Dwarf Priest.

Oh right where are the sever with only 2500 max players you know for the authentic game

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