Overlooked Druid Travel Form Issues

Before going crazy adding a bunch of new forms, don’t forget about the following druid travel forms that are missing color variations:

  • Kul’Tiran flight
  • Zandalari flight and ground

The following druid ground travel forms also need updates:

  • Worgen: needs their own
  • Troll: needs their own
  • Cheetah: needs more pixels

Kul Tiran Druids were supposed to have different Flight Form Colors, but they were scrapped unfortunately.

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My Worgen’s stag form is tied to her RP. A wolf or updated cheetah would be awesome, but they need to have the stag available in the barber shop for everyone as an option still.

Should’t we talk about the lack of moonkin option that most people ask about instead? I swear that they are really just using the easy/lazy way instead of making effort to give us something that doesn’t just need a copy/past.


There are druids who use the adorable moose form and there are druids who are wrong.


I would love to atleast have a black moose and a white moose like those you’d find in highmountain as well.

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I’ve seen pictures of them. The art–which is simply just a recolor–is already done. No idea why they were never implemented. No idea why KT and Zandalari aquatic forms have an entire palette, but neither flight forms do… or why KT ground travel forms have the recolor but Zandalari do not. It’s just stupid.


We should also be giving Zandalari and Kul Tiran their own super epic flight form because Cenarion birds make no sense for them.


Regular tauren also need their own travel form.


More than anything, I’d like to see the poof of star light disappear and see us actually morph into our forms.

Those might be exactly what they’re adding.

Better late than never :unamused:

No changes to cheetah please

I doubt it’ll be a bunch. But I agree KT got screwed out of swift flight form. Zandas are fine.

They could just add a new learned glyph so as to allow the choice for high res or O.G. version. Might as well add glyphs for claws of shirvallah forms too… the worgen version of that is one of the best cat forms in game IMHO

Steward moonkin form. That is all I wish for.

I just want my black KT bird. Bliz, please take the aquatic form colors and apply them to flying form like you were supposed to during BfA. I’m pretty sure the work has already been done, because I’ve seen the pictures on some slide that was shown at Blizcon…

I dislike moose form. It looks way too warm. My females use doe form and my males use, uh, fawn form.

Cheetah still feels like a classic model.

Heck, the doe is from legion and it looks almost as bad.

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For some reason I read this as spoken by Creed Bratton.

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