Outlaw Rogue LF Guild Kel'Thuzad for Mythics/Raiding

New/Returning player, looking for a guild to do Mythics/raid. Would also appreciate any help from seasoned outlaw rogues to help me get better. Currently 176 as I am playing my way through Shadowlands/running heroics. Please reply if I might make a good fit with your crew.

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Hey just commented under your other post so I’ll copy and paste it here too. :slight_smile:
Hey! My guild is looking to recruit trial raiders for the upcoming patches. Please check out our forum post and if you are interested fill out our little questionnaire. We would love to have you. :slight_smile: [A] Durability Zero - 5/10 Heroic, M+, and RBGs! LF Mage, Warlock, and more!